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After passing Waterloo Station (and the old discarded snake skin of the Eurostar Terminal as was) I pick up my 76 outside the Waldorf

After passing Waterloo Station (and the old discarded snake skin of the Eurostar Terminal as was), I pick up my 76 outside the Waldorf, and it then takes me past the front doors of the Royal Courts of Justice, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Bank of England—an amazing journey home every night. 197 more words

The Concert of Europe: The Rise and Fall of the First United Nations


Two hundred years ago, diplomats from the Great Powers of Europe were redrawing the map of Europe. In April, Napoleon Bonaparte had abdicated, the French Empire defeated. 1,268 more words

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Wiener kongress By drawn by Jean Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855); copper engraving by Jean Godefroy (1771-1839) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Why Does Britain's Privy Council Still Hear Appeals from New Zealand?

Yesterday, a New Zealander named Teina Pora and his lawyers boarded a flight to London. They are traveling there in a bid to quash Pora’s 1994 conviction for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett. 332 more words

British Empire

How to run like a legend

If you went out running tonight I have good news. All your miles count double.

If you’re in the UK it was probably cold and wet, you were probably tired and hungry after work, and to top it all off we’re back on Greenwich Mean Time* meaning it was pitch-dark by mid-afternoon. 446 more words

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Brazilians Vote for a Sovereign Future Within BRICS; Re-Elect Dilma Rousseff President

The re-election of Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil on Sunday defeated the British Empire’s attempt to pull Brazil out of the BRICS and South America’s integration projects, through the election of her opponent, Aecio Neves. 362 more words


Colonoscopy!.....is Such a Lonely Word

Wednesday, 10:15PM (EST):  I chow down on a hand full of “Bachman” Pretzel Rods.  By far the best pretzel rods on the market.  I remind myself that this will be the last solid food I eat until late Friday morning, when I awake from my Colonoscopy.   947 more words

The Rycharde Haythornthwaite Story Chapter 2

Chapter 1 of this story that includes an explanation of how I discovered Rycharde’s life story can be found here  http://sophia-moseley.com/2014/09/04/world-war-i-ww1-a-milestone-in-warfare-and-a-milestone-for-many-families-that-they-will-never-forget/

Chapter 2

January 1894… 835 more words

World War 1