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The history of Queen Victoria is fading, so shall your pride!

Three statues of Queen Victoria are lying in a public park in Agra with no security cover even after the vandalism in Mathura museum when three persons damaged a statue of the Queen. 182 more words

The Past Story

England: Bluebells, Kebab Shops and Immigration

‘I am the tall kingdom over your shoulder
That you would neither cajole nor ignore.
Conquest is a lie. I grow older
Conceding your half-independant shore… 743 more words
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Germans Take Brussels; Pope Pius Dies

The invading German forces in Belgium have been besieging the Liege forts, and reducing them with large-bore howitzers. As of three days ago, all of the forts had surrendered or been destroyed, allowing the Germans to advance westward with their supply-lines secure. 469 more words

The end of the United Kingdom?

In 1698 a group of Scottish businessmen established a colony in Central America, on the Isthmus of Panama. The ‘Darien Project’, named after its location on the Gulf of Darien, turned out to be a disaster – fatally so, for most of the men and women who went out there between 1698 and 1700, but a financial disaster back in Scotland as well. 898 more words

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British Lines, Brown Blood: A short note on Sri Lanka and Gaza

The recent atrocities in Gaza have again refocused world attention on Palestine and the actions of the Israeli state and the Palestinian people.  Israel is engaged in yet another exercise of what is euphemistically called “Mowing the lawn”-  air strikes and military invasion undertaken on a periodic basis to subjugate the people of Gaza and make sure that Israel remains in control, on its own terms.  400 more words

"The Commonwealth Games and Fiji" (edited version in The Fiji Times, 16 August 2014.

The Commonwealth Games and Fiji
(edited version in The Fiji Times, 16 August 2014)

Sport has a great capacity to bring the different peoples of the world together and to take the spectators minds off the mundane in life, including destructive politics. 1,480 more words

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