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Port Said

August, 187-

To my darling Josephine

I look forward with all of my distance-saddened heart to looking upon your face, your flaxen locks, your pearly skin once more. 1,156 more words


The Situation In Central Europe

The Russian Council of Ministers met today to discuss the crisis between Serbia and Austria-Hungary. The Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Krivoshein, a trusted advisor of the Czar, expressed the following points: “Our re-armament program has not been completed. 392 more words

Are the British living in an imaginary empire?

Do we still think of ourselves as an empire? Of course not, most would say. However, while the empire itself declined through the 20th century, imperialist attitudes continue to shape the psyche of the British people. 680 more words


People just aint no good

Relatively recently, a few groups of religious, ideological settlers, fleeing persecution in their birth countries, moved into a previously occupied piece of land, killing and pushing out the indigenous population who had inhabited it for a relatively long time. 589 more words

Breakfasts And Booze

The foul tornado - Peter Hitchens on the Great War.

To say that that the First World War was the greatest cataclysm in human history since the fall of the Roman Empire is to put it mildly.

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The North London Guardian

Friday 24 July 1914

Unwelcome Child’s Awful Treatment: Husband and Wife Charged With Neglect

Albert William Gage, a stockbroker’s clerk, of Salterton-road, Holloway, and his wife, Clara Louisa Gage, were summoned, before Mr Hedderwick, at North London Police Court on Tuesday , at the instance of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, for wilfully neglecting a girl of six named Avis Gage.

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News From 1914-18

Duntroon 1870 and 1888

Duntroon house, owned by the Campbell family, stands in what is now Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The first picture is of the house in 1870 and the second picture is of the homestead as it was in 1888. 27 more words