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The Situation In Europe

Today, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey again urged Germany to use its influence with Austria-Hungary to preserve peace in Europe. He warned that if Austria-Hungary continues on its course of aggression against Serbia, that the British Empire will have no choice but to join France and Russia in the event of a general European war. 204 more words

27th July 1880 - Battle of Maiwand

The Battle of Maiwand on 27 July 1880 was one of the principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afgan War. Under the leadership of Ayub Khan the Afghans defeated two brigades of British and Indian troops under the command of Brigadier General George Burrows. 98 more words


Spectator, 1828: The 'Genuine Briton' and the 'Liberal'


I credit my love of the classics for being able to read this as easily as a modern broadsheet, but if you take it slow I promise it’s very funny. 635 more words

The Situation In Europe

Sir Edward Grey,
British Foreign Secretary
Winston Churchill,
First Lord of the Admiralty

British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey believes that the German Empire wishes to prevent a general European war, and he holds out hope that peace can be preserved through joint Anglo-German diplomatic efforts. 301 more words

Random Facts: The Commonwealth

Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. What do you know about the Commonwealth? What is the Queen’s role in the Commonwealth?

  • Formed of 53 countries, the Commonwealth is the biggest geographical union, and the only one that spans all livable continents.
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The Situation In Europe

Today, Auguste Boppe replaced Leon Descos as France’s ambassador to Serbia. Regarding the Franco-Russian alliance, a French diplomat in Stockholm declared, “If the situation leads to war for Russia, it will most certainly be war for France also.” The French government has cancelled all leave for French soldiers effective tomorrow, and has ordered the majority of troops in Morocco to return home. 145 more words

Port Said

August, 187-

To my darling Josephine

I look forward with all of my distance-saddened heart to looking upon your face, your flaxen locks, your pearly skin once more. 1,156 more words