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September, 187-

My Darling Josephine

I write to you now from the village of Suez, grown up at the mouth of the Canal as it pours into the Red Sea. 1,204 more words

Mauve Prose

Today's War News

Armed German passenger liner
SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
British armored-deck cruiser
HMS Highflyer

Since the outbreak of war, the Germans have taken to equipping merchant ships and even passenger liners with concealed naval guns, and employing them to prey on French and British merchantmen in the Atlantic. 191 more words


From 1700 onwards and for the next 160 years or so, the Honourable East India Company raised its own armed forces. The three administrative areas of India, the Presidencies of Bombay, Madras and Bengal, each maintained their own army with its own commander-in-chief. 915 more words

British Empire

Japan enters the war

Following the outbreak of hostilities, the British Empire requested assistance from Japan under the terms of the Anglo-Japanese alliance. Although the German presence in the Far East was small, theĀ Kaiserliche MarineĀ controlled Micronesia, German New Guinea, and the Chinese strategic port of Tsingtao, where the German traders built a famous brewery in 1903. 90 more words