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Japan enters the war

Following the outbreak of hostilities, the British Empire requested assistance from Japan under the terms of the Anglo-Japanese alliance. Although the German presence in the Far East was small, theĀ Kaiserliche MarineĀ controlled Micronesia, German New Guinea, and the Chinese strategic port of Tsingtao, where the German traders built a famous brewery in 1903. 90 more words


Bringing Prometheus Into Play

China’s entirely creative approach to the challenge of mining Helium-3 on the Moon to fuel a fusion-based global economy, has, like Prometheus’s bringing the gift of fire to Man, unleashed a planetary process of scientific and cultural optimism, and opposition to the hated bestiality of the modern day Zeus, the British Empire. 596 more words

Lyndon Larouche

Stout British Defense In Belgium; Japan Enters The War

Honoring her defensive treaty with the British Empire, Japan declared war on Germany today. For our readers who wonder how a nation located in eastern Asia can aid the British in their war against Germany, let us remind them that Germany possesses a number of colonies in the Pacific, including the Chinese city of Tsing-Tao and the surrounding Kiao-Chau territory, held under a ninety-nine year lease from the Republic of China. 358 more words

The history of Queen Victoria is fading, so shall your pride!

Three statues of Queen Victoria are lying in a public park in Agra with no security cover even after the vandalism in Mathura museum when three persons damaged a statue of the Queen. 182 more words

The Past Story