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Colonoscopy!.....is Such a Lonely Word

Wednesday, 10:15PM (EST):  I chow down on a hand full of “Bachman” Pretzel Rods.  By far the best pretzel rods on the market.  I remind myself that this will be the last solid food I eat until late Friday morning, when I awake from my Colonoscopy.   947 more words

The Rycharde Haythornthwaite Story Chapter 2

Chapter 1 of this story that includes an explanation of how I discovered Rycharde’s life story can be found here  http://sophia-moseley.com/2014/09/04/world-war-i-ww1-a-milestone-in-warfare-and-a-milestone-for-many-families-that-they-will-never-forget/

Chapter 2

January 1894… 835 more words

World War 1

Winston Churchill was a Racist Ass#*%!

Churchill is seen as the British icon of endurance and strength through gloomy war. His drowning voice of “we shall fight on the beaches” is easily identifiable with World War II. 435 more words


British Redcoats' Disease

October 23, 2014

Nashville, TN

It’s a gorgeous fall day here in the Music City. The color of the foliage on the trees coupled with the crisp autumn air makes me want to spend all day outside.  611 more words

British Empire

An Empire State of Mind

Whilst I wait for a “Cease And Desist” order from Jay-Z for using what is undoubtedly a copyrighted title, there’s just time to discuss which of the two countries had a better empire. 1,007 more words


Ebola I mean

I got confused between Ebola and Obama.  Is Obama, the liar and dictator, the real spreader of the virus.  That stinking British Empire agent will do anything his masters say. Another reason to impeach Obama.

Soup kitchen.

Fuck I’m ill. On the plus side, everybody else is too and that feels good. It’s raining today as well, gone are the shorts and the ray-bans, gone is the illusion of British summer time. 1,009 more words