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Girls' education and the Taliban

This is an article from the salad days of 2012, when I was a callow and loathsome undergraduate. Opinions – and prose style – are not necessarily endorsed. 946 more words

British Empire

Churchill and Empire: A Portrait of an Imperialist

By Lawrence James. Pegasus Books, 452 pages, $28.95

Reviewed by Jules Wagman

An imperialist from birth, Winston Churchill held firm to the notion that the British Empire was a great gift to the world, that it raised primitive people out of the torpor of aimless existence and pointed them toward useful lives, and that India was the crown jewel of it all. 571 more words


Today's News

King George

Today, at the order of King George, a conference convened to attempt to find a solution to the problem of Irish home rule. 210 more words

"British colonialism did untold good"

I often come across individuals who talk of the untold good of British colonialism. In most cases, they tend to be wealthy older white males of British extraction. 493 more words

Friday fotos - Canary Wharf - a different view of London

Hi Frugalistas!

Think of London….eyes shut tight….what is in your mind?  Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Harrods?  Pomp and ceremony, double decker buses, and who can forget those… 215 more words


Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1857

Isambard Kingdom Brunel against the launching chains of Great Eastern at Millwall in 1857.

Brunel died in 1859, not long after the ships’ ill-fated first voyage. 42 more words


Dear People of My World

This is part one of my long overdue ranting rave over the state of your porous humanity. I suggest you get yourself a dictionary right now, because when I go crazy mutineer on you I cannot be blamed for my expletives in the form of outrageous and convoluted vocabulary. 710 more words