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30 August 1914

On this day Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief of the B.E.F., telegraphed Joffre, his French counterpart, that he could not contemplate putting the B.E.F. back in the front line ‘for at least ten days’ and was intending to withdraw beyond the Seine.   199 more words

The Great War

Bertie in Belgium

August 1914. In another excerpt from his fictional memoir, Bertie Beauchamp describes the final days of assembly and concentration of the British Army before the hammer blow of Mons. 1,464 more words

August 1914

I'm not a Tommy but I play one on TV

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Mons, where the British Expeditionary Force saw its first action on Continental soil since Waterloo in 1815.  They fought well, but were heavily outnumbered (~4:1) and could not hold their position. 153 more words


23 August 1914

At about 7 a.m. today the Germans began to attack British positions around Mons.  It was the British Expeditionary Force’s first action of the war.  At first the German surges were mown down by rifle-fire.   40 more words

The Great War

Great Britain Enters the War, and the Great Retreat

The German and French armies of continental Europe had well over a million men each, divided into 13 armies between them.  What did the British have to offer?   530 more words


August 21, 1914

The main news item of the week was that Field Marshall Kitchener had called for a further 100,000 men and had received a ‘good response’ from around the country. 397 more words

Ashbourne Telegraph

This day in history 8/19/2014

This blog is going to be mostly about subjects I find interesting. I will try to stick to topics that happen on the day the blog is posted. 129 more words

British Expeditionary Force