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'No Objection To Few Cows'

The Inter-War Years

A. Creighton prided himself on always being ready, willing and able. And he needed the money. But what a come down! To think that he, a Lance Sergeant of the 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers should have had to turn his hand after the Boer War to odd jobs around the village – from cavalry to cows…. 361 more words


September 18, 1914

It has been a long tradition of the British Press to only publish attributed views. Letters from readers would invariably carry the author’s name and address. 604 more words

17 September 1914

In the morning, George and Kittie left Ringwood and travelled to Southampton.  Here they said goodbye for the time being and Kittie returned to Hampstead.  After lunch George caught the train to Ludgershall and walked to the vast Windmill Hill Camp above the village.   617 more words

The Great War

9 September 1914

On this day the B.E.F. began to cross the Marne.  Momentously, an emissary from Moltke had arrived the day before and now persuaded both von Kluck and von Bülow that they must retreat northeastwards or be encircled by the Allies and destroyed.   324 more words

The Great War

7 September 1914

Von Kluck now moved the left wing of his First Army almost forty miles northwards across the front of the B.E.F. to join his counter-attack on the French Sixth Army.   49 more words

The Great War

September 6, 1914

Germans announced to be crossing the Marne at La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. Sir John French‘s Report issued. Admiralty announces organization of a Royal Naval Division.

Western Front

6 September 1914

The initial strength of the B.E.F. was four infantry divisions and one cavalry.   However, the cavalry had been particularly hard worked: they had been the only effective cover and communication between the B.E.F.’s two army corps during the whole retreat.   131 more words

The Great War