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'Britain will join the euro to stop Germany' claims top Tory Lord Heseltine


Michael Heseltine: We will get the euro

Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has predicted Britain will eventually join the euro – to stop Germany becoming too powerful.

The former Deputy Prime Minister claimed the UK would “give in” and adopt the single currency in a bid to prevent German dominance.

Three years ago the continent was in the grip of a financial crisis, leading to countries like Greece, Ireland and Spain receiving multi-billion euro bailouts.

But the Conservative peer insisted it was only a matter of time before a British government scrapped the pound and joined the eurozone.

“We will join the euro,” he said.

“I have lived through every one of these European arguments where we have resisted at every stage the European direction and in every stage we have, in the end, given in and joined.”

Lord Heseltine was at Prime Minister John Major’s side in the mid-1990s when Britain secured a single currency opt out and struck a deal to keep sterling.

The pro-European ex-DPM admitted the UK would not join the euro “in the foreseeable future”, but believed Britain would eventually sign up.

“What’s happening in Europe, what’s happening in the world, are globalisation forces,” he said.

“The real issue we have to face in this country is a very simple one put like this; do you want Germany to have … a dominance of Europe to our exclusion? I don’t.”


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