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"The Last Post for First Past The Post"

Britain is heading for without a shred of doubt the most uncertain General Election in at least a generation, perhaps even a century. This is because rather than a seemingly straightforward choice between the Conservatives and Labour, as much as they would like it to be, there are now several other subplots… 1,089 more words

Human Rights and Freedom of Speech are Universal. Period.

I agree with Ruth Davidson.

There’s five words that I thought that I would never say but, following the passing of King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia and Whitehall’s decision to fly the Union Jack at half mast, there was public criticism from the Scottish Conservative leader that was correct in my opinion.  692 more words

The Progressive Unionist Dilemma

I studied Irish Politics as a postgraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast between 2001 and 2006, becoming friendly with a range of unionist and nationalist political representatives who were also studying there at the time. 1,641 more words


Register to vote in the 2015 General Election

To all Daily Political View readers, we urge you to register to vote if you have not already.

The process is simple and takes a matter of minutes to complete. 131 more words

The Kelvedon Hatch secret bunker by Judy Cowan

“To the Secret Bunker – 2 miles” said the sign. The ending of the Cold War has meant that a lot of the apparatus of the secret state has come blinking into the cold light of day; and one part of this was the alternative seat of Government at Kelvedon Hatch, near Ongar in Essex. 248 more words

Another British Government Failure

A report from MPs on the Committee of Public Accounts in Britain has highlighted yet again the failure of government to take the correct measures when dealing with immigrants. 603 more words