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PARASITE: Ex-Lib-Dem Councillor racked up £2,400 bill ringing sex lines from taxpayer-funded phone

“PARASITE: A creature which obtains food and physical protection from a host which never benefits from its presence.” (Chambers English Dictionary)

A POLITICIAN who used his council-issued mobile phone to rack up a £2,400 bill calling premium rate sex chat lines and sending sexually explicit texts has escaped the sack. 313 more words


Walking into the Dark is Hard

It’s so much harder to walk out into the dark, than it is to come into the light. Evidently, many Scots felt that that is just what a “yes” vote in the independence referendum would mean; a leap into the abyss, a trip to a scary unknowable place, the fabled “unintended consequences” lurking in ambush. 495 more words



With only hours to go before the people of Scotland vote to remain a part of the United Kingdom – or not – the numbers involved are very interesting indeed. 302 more words


Returns on Islamic finance are so good, non-Muslims want in

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority sold its first-ever sharia-compliant bond, known as a “sukuk,” last week. The $1 billion deal is part of the city’s… 487 more words

Twist or Bust

Well well well…..RBS upping sticks! Good news for Scotland then… All these scare stories of how would an Independent Scotland manage to bail out the banks made by Westminster, really hit the buffers….Its their baby now…..they had best hope there is not another banking crisis!! 220 more words

International inquiry needed into abuse of children by British state forces – McCann

Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann said tonight that any inquiry into the abuse of children in care by members of British state forces should be international and fully independent. 161 more words


Governments partisan and disengaged on the North – Murphy

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said British secretary of state Theresa Villiers must end her government’s partisan approach to dealing with problems in the political process in the North. 408 more words