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The Misrepresentation of Creation Science And What Creationists Actually Claim

The biblical worldview necessitates a whole lot of things about the origins of creation that many Christians do not understand. However, a lot of secular humanists have worked hard for a very long time to make Christians ashamed of the very scriptures that point to God that we claim to believe and sadly, it has worked far too well. 7,446 more words


"What should we think about death?"

By British Humanist Association via YouTube narrated by Stephen Fry

A short Humanist animation about death, afterlife, and living in the here and now.


Moral, religious, psychopathic, or just human?

Glen Carrigan looks at the science of morality

Original article at British Humanist Association 07.07.2014

Why doesn’t Microsoft Word recognise the word ‘Neuropsychology?’ Maybe because it’s a rather new field, although people have been musing on the workings of the physical brain for a very long time indeed – don’t worry though, we’re not trepanning people anymore! 770 more words


From The Freedom To Act All Else Follows

The graphic above was shared on Facebook today by the British Humanist Association.

Stirring and noble words from Professor Grayling, which liberty lovers must agree with, but his definition of freedom is not quite sufficient. 183 more words