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Two deaths and a funeral

Last week news of two deaths brought sadness to members of my family. My lawyer son was devastated by the premature demise of  Adrian Mole aged only 47 1/52, cut down in his prime when his greatest years of mediocrity and failure lay before him. 608 more words


Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere (1996)

The abbot raised his blind head, sniffed the air, and smiled. “The first part of the Ordeal of the Key,” he said, “is the nice cup of tea. Do you take sugar?”


Another Plane of Reality

“If you’ve ever felt you stepped into the Twilight Zone in a meeting, this video will speak to you.”   With a lead-in like that, I had to watch the video.   224 more words


On Netflix: The Inbetweeners

Lemme lay it down for you. I  shouldn’t like “The Inbetweeners.” Following the coming-of-age of four guys so gnarly my parents didn’t even think to warn me about them, the show is crude, sexually frank, misogynistic. 816 more words

My Students Meet Sherlock


Just a fun little side note:

My advisory class is now Sherlocked.

I introduced them to the show today. We’re watching an episode every week until school lets out. 288 more words


I believe the chap in center frame above may be sporting a jock strap on his noggin, then again, maybe it’s his thinking cap…

These naked, wet, enthusiastic fellows appear to be having a grand old time singing/ shouting in the shower after a rousing game of Rugby. 203 more words


Sherlock- The Blind Banker


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson
Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson
Rupert Graves as DI Lestrade

Synopsis: The partnership is successful. 254 more words