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The end of the British Invasion

2002 article:

“A lot of British talent is seen as quirky,” an anonymous “industry expert” told Reuters. A generation ago, however, British popsters were appreciated precisely for their idiosyncrasies and regional identities; bands like the Kinks and the Who, although not consistent hit-makers, had distinctive sensibilities that American admirers couldnt hope to copy.

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The Live Kinks: First Post

Well, here it is, my first post!

As I began looking through the many old records in my basement, I noticed how dusty and dirty they were. 414 more words

British Invasion

Long Time, No Post

Man, when was the last time we talked? Oh gosh, that’s right, um…LAST WINTER!!

I’m ashamed. Truly, madly, deeply. Though, my friends, the times they can be tough. 215 more words

Why Waterloo Sunset is My Favorite Song

I picked “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks as my favorite song because I was sick of not having a quick answer when the question came up. 589 more words

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My Day with Keith


Somebody recently asked me this question: If you could spend a day with any celebrity from any period of history, not including Dave Grohl, who would it be?  970 more words



My mother (and Uncle Jack) grew up listening to The Beatles. My Uncle became a drummer in a band called Lil Elmo and the Cosmos and my mama…well, she still loves to listen to the music, despite not being able to play an instrument and she somehow passed the boy band love on to me. 67 more words