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Scotland Stays

Last week was a big week for Britain. On 18th September the people of Scotland, one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland… 852 more words

"Home James" History & Heritage

The Queen Responds to Scotland

After Scotland, which has been under British rule for over three centuries, took a “no” majority voting against becoming an independent entity from the crown, Queen Elizabeth II responded quite responsibly. 166 more words


Scottish Independence--my instant armchair analysis

I think the No vote will win in Scotland today. But it’s a pyrrhic victory for the UK. Nearly half of Scotland wants independence. And they want a republic. 477 more words

Think Pieces

King Henry VIII is buried where?! You're Kidding!

Henry VIII’s iconic, Holbein created, image is known worldwide. He stares out of the painting at the viewer, his confrontational stance leaving us in no doubt of who is in charge. 829 more words


Does bowing down to people have a place in liberal, secular democracies?

Today, I saw the Tibetan exile Leader Lobsang Sangay walking near the Tibetan Parliament building in Dharamsala. Wearing his trademark sunglasses and chuba, I noticed how Tibetans near me leapt to their feet and bowed in a show of respect. 199 more words

Scottish independence: ‘We are not amused.’

15 September 2014: The British Queen Elizabeth II warned voters to “think very carefully about the future” before the Scottish independence referendum. House of Windsor soft-speak for “don’t dare vote Yes.” The Windsor family has holiday homes at Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire and Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.  334 more words