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Waity and Willy’s Mercy trip: Part 3

Kate Middleton admits to ‘pining for Prince George’ while fulfilling royal duties

I can understand she’s missing her son, but it’s not like she left him in Britain and her events usually  last 45 minutes, not days on end. 762 more words

Kate Middleton

Is King Arthur the Antichrist?

I first heard about the book, The Revelation of King Arthur: Deceit, Intrigue, and the Guard’s Account, after its author, Robert Bruce Fruehling, posted a comment on my blog and told me he believed the story of King Arthur’s return would be used to bring about the coming of the Antichrist. 1,023 more words

Arthurian Books

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I am fascinated with my research that is connecting the book of Revelation and the strange attempt by the blue bloods to connect their genealogies to the Arthurian legend and also connect him with king David and the British Israelism movement. I think that those who believe in the divine right to rule will try to assert this right in the New World Order Satanic dictatorship. If you look at the round table groups that have been working from the Cecil Rhodes movement, you will see this occult connection to the Arthurian legends. This article touches on a book that attempts to propel the Tares into power under the guise of Arthur as the antichrist character. This is very important to know this information as we approach a critical period in history when these Satanic conspirators will take over global rule under their Fourth Reich Fuehrer Arthur.

"Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and The Princess Margaret Rose".

As it is Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday today I thought I’d share this postcard from my collection for you.

The postmark on the back reliably informs me that it was posted in Taunton on the 9th June 1945 to a Sheffield resident, Peggy Hobson; the sender’s daughter. 74 more words


Princess Beatrice at Sabine G Harlequin Collection launch

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 09: Princess Beatrice of York attend the Sabine G Harlequin Collection launch

Princess Beatrice

Archive Photo: National Railway Museum, York, 20th June 2013.

Your George V/bathing/train fact of the day.

I can’t remember the exact location of this label and the photograph doesn’t give me any clues, but this fact would have been displayed in The Station Hall, probably on the platform beside one of the Royal Trains on display at the museum.