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LaRouche: Screw Things Up for the Enemy! That's Strategy

Obama, with a concert of forces set in motion by the British Monarchy, is running an operation to try to unleash a war, which if successful, could well start thermonuclear World War III, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. 574 more words


A (Royal) Community

What is a Fandom?

Urban Dictionary gives the best definitions for the word. It is “[A] community that surrounds a TV show/movie/book etc…” or it can be defined as “A large group of unstable and emotional fans that devote half of their time in daily life, loving the thing they are so dedicated to” or the best “A cult that will destroy your life”.  664 more words

Poppy Appeal and psudeocelebrities

Scotland’s “poppy appeal” has been launched by Judy Murray, a pusudeodecelbrity who is now becoming famous for being a shite dancer and the mother of Andy Murray. 103 more words


One has joined Twitter. Queen Liz II joins social network via PR team

PR numpties tell the Queen, join the Twitter revolution!

Lunatics at Royal PR HQ, called BritishMonarchy, or wherever they are, who will be typing the majority tweets with a PR team, are trying to seem genuine with Royal-Common peasantry communications. 182 more words


Breaking => Kincora ~ Paedophile Ring Leads To The Monarchy, MI5, & Rothschilds.

Unfortunately, however, the British mainstream media is deeming Prince Charles and the rest of his ilk in positions of power and perceived genetic royalty as if they are beyond reproach. 2,765 more words


Queen Elizabeth II Sends Her First Tweet

Britain’s monarch dabbled in social media on Friday by sending her very first tweet.

It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the…

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The Ghastly Duke

Embarking on the Duke of Edinburgh Award – one of the most popular activities for teenagers in the UK – I wanted to discover more about the founder, Prince Philip, who nowadays only tends to make the headlines with his bladder infections. 505 more words

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