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The basic story of Metroland has some potential, but it’s handled in a bland, clichéd, by-the-book way. For most of the movies I’ve written about so far that I would rate as below average, I either didn’t understand significant parts of them, or was bored and not really paying attention to significant parts of them, or both. 619 more words


Wondrous Oblivion

Think of Wondrous Oblivion as a poor man’s Bend It Like Beckham.

Both are set in England. Both are about immigrants. Both focus on a teenager who is very interested in sports (kooky non-American sports—soccer in the one case and cricket in the other). 245 more words



The 1961 black and white British thriller Victim is notable (and no doubt is being shown today on independent movie stations) for its groundbreaking, mostly sympathetic depiction of homosexuality. 416 more words


B. Monkey

B. Monkey is a British crime drama/love story about an unlikely romance between a quintessential square elementary school teacher, and an exotic jewel thief career criminal. 409 more words


Separate Lies

There’s a lot of stiff upper lipism in the British morality play/crime drama Separate Lies.

I wouldn’t say it’s uneventful—in fact, quite a lot happens, including a… 613 more words