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Sleaford Mods: Nevermind the Bullocks

Every now and then, an artist(s) will emerge that will do the seemingly impossible…shock me.  I could hear any singer sing about anything and I’ll hardly bat an eyelash.   617 more words


I Can't Make You Love Me (Cover)

I love this cover of Bon Iver’s version of I Can’t Make You Love Me. Jessie Robinson has the most beautiful voice, you should definitely check out her page for loads of great covers.

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Getting to know /// Pistolhead

Pistolhead are the kind of band which you wish you had more of around: they have ultimate desire to make really good, unique music and they actually succeed in it. 660 more words

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Musicians' inspirations /// Chris (The Four Fours)

Radiohead – The Bends

I got into The Bends around the time I got seriously into playing guitar. For me it came into my life at a time when I really wanted to learn about the world but was becoming disenfranchised with education, or at least the education I was receiving at the time.

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British Music

Jack Garratt - The love you're given.

Don’t get it twisted British music is not slacking. The charts may be in a poor place but we can fix it.
22 year old Multi instrumentalist, Jack garret is a brilliant example of ‘DOING THE DAMN TING’ the tightly incorporated musicianship and direction splashes the vibe being carried in london at the moment.
lets support it.



Slaves – The Hunter

Slaves – a garage punk two piece from – strangely – Tunbridge Wells, have been spreading their heinous activities nationwide across the past year. 576 more words

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