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In their words /// Morganway on 'My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You'

My brother and I formed Morganway last year, and while most of our songs are new, “My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You” has been kicking around a while.

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British Music


  1. Jamie T – Turn On The Light – Jamie T’s back, but if you were hoping for a return of the loud mouthed, street-poet,    wide-boy of Wimbledon singing uniting inner city anthems like ‘Stella’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’ then you might be a bit disappointed with this.
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British Music

Historic Jukebox: Pink Floyd & Haldor Laxness' The Clock at Brekkukot

Be transported into a different reality. With these floating, untethered words and music that I’ve curated or stumbled upon accidentally. They are evocative and inspire deep escapism and magical voyages into the history of the world.

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Understanding music in different cultures

Have you ever been asked something that you think is completely ridiculous? For example, when I first came to the States two years ago, within a space of a month, at least six people asked me how come I spoke such good English. 368 more words

Artist of the month: (November) James Bay

The influx of singer/songwriters being produced in the Uk certainly cant be ignored. And within certain genre’s, we have found that they are overtaking their US counterparts through sheer brilliance. 198 more words


Face to face with Plainview

Dark, magnetic, roaring riffs wrap you like firm embrace which definitely won’t let you go once you get into it. Haunting vocals will stay in your head for days on end circulating through your system. 1,434 more words

British Music

Boost For Brit Music As UK Artists Represent One in Five Of All Tracks Streamed Globally on Spotify

British music is powering the increasing popularity of streaming services around the world, announced the BPI today following the release of new data from Spotify. 595 more words

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