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In their words /// Mark Mathews on 'The Girl'

“The Girl” was born when I was sat alone in my, then, girlfriend’s house in New Zealand. I was bored and had nothing to do and so I was just sat there noodling around on my guitar.

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British Music

Sleaford Mods: The Gobbiest Rock Band in the World

The best punk comes from pissed off lads who are burning for making the personal political. By their own description Sleafod Mods are electronic munt minimalist punk-hop group. 691 more words


Face to face with The Four Fours

Do you remember when the splendid The Four Fours told you all about their single ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’? Well, it’s time to learn more about these lads and their no nonsense approach to music. 437 more words

British Music

Track by track /// Quiet As A Mouse 'British Flag' [EP] 2014

There are bands who you fall in love with in a very unexplainable manner: you just put on their music and realise that there’s something so magical and attractive about the sounds coming your way, that you gravitate towards them in an almost uncontrollable manner. 292 more words

British Music

My inspiration: Lianne la Havas by SuperTrash

“The things I love about SuperTrash? How you can make it your own, basically. There is no right or wrong way to wear your clothes no matter what you wear.”

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The Mariners Children

The Mariners Children produce blues infused, knee slapping, indie-folk music to cheer up even the most cantankerous soul.

The underlining frustration is only this; that there isn’t enough of their music available. 135 more words

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Alistair Griffin From Nowhere, the new album - a sheepish review

From Nowhere is Alistair Griffin’s third album with an interesting little twist. Announced by Griffin as the sporting anthems compilation, it’s an album’s worth of songs he’s written or pitched for sport soundtracks, and they’re not even all on it! 2,761 more words