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Ranking modern Doctor Who: part one (bottom of the barrel)

I am incredibly opinionated on all things Doctor Who, so naturally I wanted to share my rankings with the world. But I also like being different than everybody else, so instead of posting them before the 50th, I waited until Matt Smith’s run ended.¬† 1,373 more words


The Other One (1977-79)

Short lived sitcom that’s not all that funny. Richard Briers¬† is Ralph Tanner and Michael Gambon is Brian Bryant. They are two bachelors on a package tour of Spain. 335 more words


Dark Side to Loving International TV

Just a reminder, there will be an Aunty Ida-centered contest launching this week! Keep coming back for the details and to find out what you can win. 309 more words


Surprised That TV Can Still Surprise Me: 'Southcliffe'

When you have studied cinematic story structure and (more importantly) watched a lot of TV, it takes a lot to be surprised by TV shows. Truly, genuinely surprised and shocked. 508 more words


A Cuppa for the Lower Class in Television

Gooooooooooood evening good evening good evening good evening and welcome to my first blog entry! I am not quite sure what I am supposed to create here exactly. 743 more words



I finally saw the last episodes of Broadchurch, the detective mystery about the murder of a young teenaged boy Danny in a small coastal town in England. 409 more words

My Wife Next Door (1972-73)

Not very funny sitcom about a divorced couple that end up living next door to each other. I’m probably in the minority since it did win a BAFTA award for Best Comedy Series. 288 more words