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The birthday that spanned a week and three countries. Like all birthdays should.

I’m a firm believer in birthdays lasting more than one day. Birthday week is the best – birthday month would be slightly excessive but my god if I could stretch it out that long I would. 1,138 more words


[Tips] Brixton Market

I was told by my workmate that there are a number of markets around Brixton. The good thing is that the markets are close to the station, literally it is about 1 minute walk from the station to get there. 416 more words


Made in Brixton goes Christmas hamper shopping with Brixton £

The gift hamper has been around for many years, mostly given at Christmas and is traditionally a gift containing small non-perishable food items, particularly seasonal favourites such as fruitcake, nuts, jams, biscuits, honey, smoked or dried meats, and cheese. 1,446 more words


[Tips] Brixton Village

Brixton village is an indoor market which is located behind Brixton station. Of course, the closest tube station is Brixton and it is about 3 minutes walk from the station. 282 more words



Première virée en ville afin de repérer les quartiers où il fait bon habiter… Aujourd’hui au programme : Brixton. En effet de nombreuses annonces d’apparts qui m’intéressent sont dans ce quartier alors avant de se précipiter, on prend la température! 615 more words


Et tu, Brixton?

Brixton Village


I’ve been trying to avoid blogging about Brixton Village.  I have liked that spot in the old Granville arcade, ever since there was hardly much more than Federation Coffee and Etta’s…  Long before it became the next “new” thing in Brixton. 755 more words


Brixton Village, shopping arcade

I had a lovely time in the sauna and steam room at Peckham Pulse today. I cancelled my membership at the end of last month to save some money, but I’m really going to miss it! 507 more words