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How to Be a Man And Why It's Not All About Sex

Sex, you know what? Let’s talk about sex. From the time we’re old enough to speak and comprehend, boys are told that this is the only thing we should care about.   705 more words


"That’s What She Said!": The Trials & Tribulations of being a Girly Bro

For a while now, I have thought about writing a post on the challenges faced as a female CrossFitter and coach. However, after searching the internet, I saw that many of my fellow female CrossFitters have covered this topic from all sides of the spectrum so heartfelt, so eloquently, so bang-on-the-money that in all reality my two cents would only add just that. 985 more words

Check This, Bro

The Da Vinci Code is a mysterious wonder...

…whereas the Bro Code wonders only one question: You got your boy’s back or what????