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the bitch is back..

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve posted anything, so I’m going to try and give a cliff’s notes version of what’s been going on.   1,395 more words

An ode to HIMYM: surviving your first year of college

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – I’m one of those people who can’t stay in my room for too long. Especially since I don’t have roommates, the time spent in my room is for sleep and changing clothes and very few other things. 1,003 more words

I Miss This

I love how this is an actual Book:

Article 62 79 more words


How I met your Mother

Nueve años, Nueve temporadas, 208 capitulos y todo esto para saber como Ted Mosby conoció la madre de sus hijos. Este serie una comedia americana trata de 5 amigos Barney Stinson, Ted mosby, Lily Aldrin ; Marshall Erikson y Robin Scherbasky y la incansable búsqueda del amor verdadero de Ted. 368 more words


Man Advice (from men)

Girls are an interesting breed. On the plus side, we’re emotional, involved, interested and can hold conversations going 90 miles an hour (or more) for sustained periods of time. 637 more words

The Paramount Booty Call

Make love, stop war. What’s Red-Haired Shanks real movitation for stopping the Paramount War?

We all know Shanks is a laid back guy. The main reason he’s so popular with other pirates is because he has the best weed, allegedly. 272 more words



So tonight is the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. One of my all time favorite shows. I think I’ll by the complete series to catch up on. 99 more words