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Broad beans

After a fairly slow growing winter, the broad beans are all in full flower and looking healthy. There has been so much wind and rain and even a hail storm, we have been worried that they wouldn’t cope. 57 more words


The First of the Broad Beans

Last year the broad beans were out of control. ¬†I wasn’t here enough to pick them in time and look after them properly. The towering plants fell over in the winds and I picked most of them a bit too late in the season – meaning I had lot of floury hard beans. 182 more words

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September Update

We have had a very successful summer with no serious disease or loses. A few problems arouse through poor planting such as failed cobra beans but on the whole everything cropped. 194 more words

General Chat

Scotland Agrees ...

… regardless of the current debate raging over Scotland’s future, everyone I have spoken to recently is unanimous: this fine, dry, warm September weather can continue just as long as it likes. 143 more words


Bees love my broad bean flowers

Whilst watering my veggies I noticed a bee going from flower to flower amongst my broad beans. I was able to pull back the stem and watch the bee very closely as it climbed into the flower head, pushing apart the petals. 12 more words

Kitchen Garden

Broad beans, beetroots and mangetout

Lots of healthy growth whilst I have been on holiday, apparently we should be planting sugar snap peas at this time too for a winter harvest!

Kitchen Garden

Autumn Salad

I spent the first 7 years of my life on Montreal, Canada. Some of my fondest memories were from the falls every year.
The images in my mind – however embellished by my incredibly wacky fantasies – are painted with vivid colors. 227 more words