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Broad Bean multiple uses (Fava Beans)

Whilst all beans will have the useful trait of being Biological Nitrogen Fixers (Leguminous) for our soils (Bringing Nitrogen back into the soil naturally) which may have leached out trough heavy rainfall, for example. 262 more words

Soil Structure And Fixing

broad bean crostini

This post is a little late in coming in more ways than one. For starters, broad beans are at the end of their season in the Adelaide Hills; on the plains they finished some time ago. 379 more words

Cooking With Kids

Broad Bean Salad, and Crab Dip in a Cobb Loaf

Last week, we had a busy time catching up with family and friends, entertaining grandsons and (shock, horror!!!) a couple of shifts of work for me. 749 more words


Just like Christmas!

Yesterday evening, I was feeling a bit despondent about the lack of things to blog about in the garden. If only it were lighter, warmer, I could get out more and at least see what was going on…. 108 more words


Broad bean bonanza - broad bean and dill pilaf

With yet more broad beans in the garden to use up, I decided to try a pilaf and did a bit of looking around for a suitable recipe. 140 more words


Brussels Sprouts and Broad Beans - Cavoletti di bruxelles e fave

Hello everyone! Another first time for me! Today I eat brussels sprouts and I love them. I cooked them saute with broad beans and the result was amazing. 294 more words


Beans, Beans, Beans

Planting broad beans (Vicia faba, aka fava beans) in late Autumn is a great leap of faith and investment in the future as they are not ready to eat until October at the earliest, in my garden at least. 187 more words