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Let the day begin!

Rachel Baldwin—Today is the day! All day long, our bloggers will be keeping you up to date on what’s going on in their lives. From the boring tasks to the legendary happenings, you’ll be in the know. 21 more words


Excited to mention that...

…our bloggers are taking part in an awesome series very soon. On Thursday, April 24, we’re hosting “A Day in the Life.” What’s that, you ask?  101 more words


Brockport Scholars Day 2014!

Every year since 2005, the College at Brockport has put on Scholars Day, a day celebrating and showcasing the best that students have to offer. This year, I attended a session called  146 more words



It’s 2 a.m. and the bars have closed. You are a Brockport student and need a ride home. What do you do? You hop on the shuttle bus, or the “drunk bus” as everyone calls it. 876 more words

Ellen Brabo

Dead Man's Cellphone

Trippy. That is what I would call this show because that is exactly what it is, and I’m a theatre kid! Cows and blue hands and red shoes oh my! 69 more words

Spring break

Alex Winslow—Man this week flew by. I was able to catch up on homework on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been busy from completing work for my human heritage class to working on campus this week. 180 more words


20 Items or Less

I’d like to first start off by saying thank you to whoever anonymously gifted me Chips Ahoy! cookies  during class last week. You made my miserable midterms week a little brighter and definitely made having endured that lab worth it! 840 more words

Ellen Brabo