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The Nature of Time

Week 6! We slog and slog.

Time for the next assessment and fingers crossed Camper will cross over into Phase 3. It seems there may be a large number of repeaters, but the sheer reality is there is a double cohort is starting next Monday so that may motivate the DBC gods to move this group along.  429 more words

Simple Questions to Ask when being Interviewed

My fiend Johonna (aka Josie) Nutter turned me on to the following blog post written by Katie Thomas at the Hackbright Academy. The titular focus of the article is suggesting questions to ask of people interviewing you in order to determine if the overall culture is more or less female-friendly. 1,660 more words


No matter the job, women don’t want to work in tech

“It’s a pipeline problem.”

That’s what many tech industry executives say when asked why there are so few women working in their field. More women need to… 607 more words


Route all packets on port 80 from inside a vm to kali linux on another vm

I’m trying to route all packets on port 80 to kali linux so that I can ssl strip them but I cannot see to setup the iptables correctly to force all the packets to go to my other Vm. 260 more words

Recent Questions - Stack Overflow

Nerd culture is destroying Silicon Valley

My first girlfriend was someone I met through a MUD, and I had to fly 7,000 miles to see her in person. I read a paper version of the… 1,250 more words

Another reason we should probably kill the term "brogrammer" forever

Yesterday, Sarah Lacy published an epic piece on the rise of the “asshole class” among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Her thesis goes that while the kind of person with the drive and talent to build a billion dollar business is often arrogant, intense, and calculated, the trait missing from many of the youngest and worst Silicon Valley offenders, like Uber’s Travis Kalanick and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel, is i… 749 more words