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Introverts in Management

I’m mildly introverted — I tend to concentrate better when alone, and my energy for party engagement flags after about two hours, so I need to go somewhere else to recharge. 841 more words


Porn Addiction and NoFAP

I was counselling a 23-yo Mormon kid a few years ago. He let me read his years of diaries, including his long struggle with an addiction to online pornography, which is not something that was even possible when I was growing up — when porn was something seedy you could only find in slightly disreputable newsstands or shops, and even the glossy mags like… 1,478 more words


The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture

There’s a problem with Silicon Valley and the subcultures that imitate it. It’s a design bug woven into people’s identities and sense of self-worth. Influential and otherwise very smart people will deny till their last breath that it even exists. 2,595 more words

Unrealistic Expectations: Liberal Arts Woman and Amazon Men

I noticed Dalrock linked to this post, which is quite a good example of the phenomenon of single people approaching middle age: the music has stopped, the chairs seem to be taken, and no one that’s left seems like good marriage material. 3,777 more words


The Days of the Chief Executive Bro Are Numbered

Skipper: Now, aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves?
Thurston Howell III: I’m ashamed we got caught.
-Gilligan’s Island

It’s not a bad gig, being a CEO. 743 more words