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"Time goes slowly, but carries on..."

“You took me by surprise
I didn’t realize
That you were laughing…”

Today is just perfect.
Sunny, warm, no humidity, and dog has been walked, cats fed, beds made, washer and dryer running, house dusted and vacuumed and now, I am on the loose. 94 more words


Totally Hopeless Romantic

Bob’s first wife had told me in her most recent email that she knows that I will be happy again.
She knows it.
I sure don’t. 228 more words


Wocka Wocka

OPI nail color.
Longgggg overdue pedicure today.

Yeah – of course, it’s a reminder of something.
Yes – as always, there are probably 100 colors to choose from at the salon. 42 more words



Sometimes I crave something in particular and after a while, give in and go buy it – ice cream.

I might drive my daughter a bit over the edge once in a while, so she’ll go get it – a salad w/grilled chicken. 89 more words


"You ask if I love you..."

Every time I get an email from Bob’s first wife, I get so freaking anxious. I’m scared to death to read it.

I guess that… 7 more words


The Geek and the Girl

I was reading the most recent NYT Book Review section and came across an adorable children’s book illustration. Normally, unless it’s near Christmas time, I skip the children’s book reviews because try as I might, I’ll walk into the bookstore totally devoid of any list counting on… 144 more words


Six Years

I’ve been crying hysterically. I’ve been praying so hard it feels like my soul has thrown up. And now I’m waiting. The pain at the core of myself is the severest. 297 more words