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Searching for Colored Eggs

“Happy Easter” no one said.
“I’m sorry” no one whispered.
“This isn’t how family works” everyone screamed.
Silence filled the room. Minus the clink of forks consuming food that would meet the throat again in rejection. 66 more words

Sadness Is Not Beauty

Domestic Violence Impacts Anyone Around... - Video

Sorry I haven’t been doing my “30 days of  abortion stories” as I said I would. I am going to get back on to sharing stories as well as other things, but the reason I have been gone is because the environment I am in sometimes gets me so depressed I can’t function. 90 more words



There is a deep overwhelming anger inside me
That I have been trying to escape from for years
I can’t continue to run if I ever want to be free… 224 more words



I knew a woman who used to gleam with hope
she married his man and bearforth his child
they lived in a hut and grew vines in her yard… 244 more words


Mortified. - Noe-Marie

I think the worst part is the embarrassment.

I failed. I had this huge, beautiful wedding that I planned for 18 months. I had a family. 690 more words


(c) E.P. Robles

LITTLE child come inside
the cold will freeze you
and your soul will turn
to that ice that burns

but mama what’s inside… 102 more words


A year ago today

.. you got a $1300 watch as payment for being my husband’s mistress. The therapist tells me you got the perk as part of his trying to keep you “happy” being in the difficult situation that you were in — his mistress. 617 more words