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Over 2 Decades of Unselfishness

For the sake of my marriage, I’ve always yielded to whatever has been necessary. Not only the demands of my spouse, which are few and far between, because I have an unusually good relationship with my spouse – but where others are concerned. 408 more words

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Shipwrecked Senryu

Hope for tomorrow

Swept away with rising tides

Shipwrecked in a storm

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I keep forgetting to hate you.

You could hate someone for not coming through for you, or for letting you down, or for not standing by you when you needed them the most…but you cant hate how they made you feel. 602 more words


Forgiveness and Light

My divorce should be finalized soon.  Oddly, we both made mistakes in the paperwork and have to refile the last papers.  I was frustrated with myself for the silly mistakes I made, as in, entering the wrong apartment number for my own address.  627 more words

Life, Love, Faith

Two halves don't make us whole.

Preface: I wrote this long awesome blog about this. It didn’t save and I write on pure emotions. Now, I am trying to revisit the feeling and I’m pissed. 837 more words

In My Mind

Unintended Affair


We collided

Became immersed in the drama

Knowing it was wrong

I borrowed faith

You stole trust

We consumed hope


Made promises

We never intended to keep… 80 more words



Tell me?
How do you shatter steel?
Ice cold and hard to the touch.
You don’t even feel.

You stalk your prey,
Violate them. 77 more words