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Trigga: Promiscuity and broken relationships

 Trey Songz has just recently released his 17 track 6th studio album titled Trigga. Trey fans would know that “Trigga” is hip pop alter ego and would expect that the album would be more of hip pop than RnB which most of his fans have grown to love him for but it is rather a bit of a disappointment in that avenue as we still have to listen to him sing about sex, love and relationships all over again which is a good thing though as I don’t have much faith in his rapping abilities either. 254 more words

Building a Case for Relational Reform in Education: Towards a Relational Pedagogy

post by ROBERT LOE
Education Research Director, Relational Schools Project

Why Relational Education?

To establish an argument for the Relational reform of educational organisations there is a requirement to establish first the goal of such organisations. 2,057 more words

Social Justice SIG

building your house (october focus)

Do you ever have a desire to reinvent your life? Perhaps you want to change careers or location. Some people reinvent their lives through exercise, food choices and a change in fashion. 493 more words

Knowing God

WHEN HURT CAN HURT NO MORE (A Song of Encouragement When a Relationship Ends)

Every time you leave, you leave
A thorn within my heart
But time and memories restore
What love has torn apart… 242 more words


The Beautiful Road Less Travelled: Reconciliation and Relational Restoration

I consider myself deeply committed to keeping relationships working. So, when they fail (due to my own shortcomings and/or someone else’s issues), I take it very hard. 1,146 more words

Grace In Big Gulps

Who is he?

It seems crazy that today I begin my very first blog by talking about a man. A man, the person who shaped my life to where it is today. 107 more words