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The Beautiful Road Less Travelled: Reconciliation and Relational Restoration

I consider myself deeply committed to keeping relationships working. So, when they fail (due to my own shortcomings and/or someone else’s issues), I take it very hard. 1,150 more words

Grace In Big Gulps

Who is he?

It seems crazy that today I begin my very first blog by talking about a man. A man, the person who shaped my life to where it is today. 107 more words

Tear Down that Wall!

by Sandy Murphy

Dear Friend,

Wow, it’s crazy how five years can speed by. Our friendship that started out so sweet somehow turned sour.

I don’t think it was one particular event that created that ugly, scraggly wall between us. 424 more words

Not very mommy-like

I woke up Friday morning and felt a certain inclination to start writing some thoughts down, while the words “feminine, maternal, motherly” arose in my spirit. 868 more words

Life is Real

“We live in the real world.”

The words quickly spilled out of my mouth and put an abrupt end to the conversation that was raising anxiety and tension within my body. 826 more words

Day To Day


Because she said no, I find myself adrift. I am wanderer in a strange land where all life’s vivid colors have turned to shades of grey. 125 more words

Modern femininity: a relook

Idealistically a wonderful little girl is polite, quiet, reserved but cordial, hard-working but overtly modest, of course. An ideal grown lady is hardworking, hospitable, gorgeous without obvious vanity, non-argumentative to the point of resilient submission to pseudo-chivalry (as known as able to bite one’s tongue), and irrevocably patience. 887 more words