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A Fear of Boredom

To certain men before, I was the excitement they wanted. But they only wanted excitement because they were boring, and eventually that left me as the entertainment….and I was so exhausted and bored of them. 349 more words

Starting Right

The Bible says that God created us in His image, with the ability to think, relate and choose. He wants us to have unhindered relationship and constant communion with Him. 262 more words



Discord breeds bitterness

Resentment grows like

Black mold hidden in dark corners

Putrid, contaminated, fractured remnants

Of that which was once



Silent accusations bounce off collapsing dreams… 46 more words


Challenging Forgiveness

“How can I forgive her if she hasn’t said she’s sorry?” My son looked at me with his penetrating blue eyes, his sincere question about his sister unwittingly peeling a scab off my past. 1,273 more words


Broken Relationships

You might question what it is I mean by broken relationships. I’ll explain it this way, a broken relationship to me is the type of relationship that is unfit and unfixable between two people. 503 more words


That's just my baby's daddy!

No daggers thrown to B-Roc and The Biz, but that phrase has caused quite a stir in the African American communities across the nation. The phrase ‘baby daddy’ places a negative connotation in people’s minds, especially in the corporate world. 257 more words