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Mending Broken Relationships

Relationships. We only grow in the context of relationships. Whether we realize it or not we have a relationship with everything in life. Though sometimes complex and confusing, relationships provide a sense of security and stability our lives. 87 more words

Ryan Hite

Her hurt was eating away at her soul. Bit by bit, she lost all the passion she had.


In the dark of the night, twirling her finger in her hair, she sat.
The kind of silence that deafened you, surrounded her.
She bit her lip while her pain devoured away at her chest, the sinking feeling too much to bear. 72 more words

Vindicating Forgiveness

I sat at lunch with a dear friend recently, swapping stories of past hurts and current healing. Sadly, neither of us was surprised by the other’s experiences of betrayed friendships and smeared reputations, spiritualized… 959 more words


20 things you should do to keep your marriage

Have you been thinking of marriage? Want to commit fully and live the rest of your life with someone special? Maybe the person has already turned you down? 280 more words

African Healing

Our First Acquaintance-A 'Nuther Look from Behind-3-

As I was trying to decide where to start, someone liked my new blog… I realized I needed to go back and start at the beginning. 762 more words

Poems Of The Past

Conversations That Change The World

I am surrounded by brokenness! Broken systems, broken relationships, broken finances, broken people. And it seems like all anybody wants to do is talk about it. 441 more words