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Two For Tuesday Deal for July 29, 2014!

On August 9, 1997, U.S. District Judge Samuel P. King and four other steadfast individuals— Gladys Brandt, Judge Walter Heen, Monsignor Charles Kekumano and Randy Roth—signed their names to the landmark… 230 more words



Trust…when any person talk about this word they mostly refer it as a broken trust. When i read this word i don’t think anything, it is not that my trust has never been broken but we can think about people whom we trust or about people who trust us instead of broke trust. And anyway its not other person’s fault that our trust is broken, if u trust anyone than it is going to break some or other day and that time we need to decide that the person is important or his actions. Let me put it in this way, a small kid how much ever love his toys if he is playing with it than he will break it someday similarly if you are around people than trust will break. Kid will also cry over his toys as we cry when toy  is broken but the kid will stop crying someday and so should we. I am not saying that forget about it and move on right away but there is no use of crying on it and specially on the person. (I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s emotions here. Just speaking my mind.)

One of my friend had condition that if he trust me and share his thing, problems and issues than I should also share my stuff. i mean this is not some barter system. If someone trust us than our responsibility is to keep their trust, to share or not than we can decide right? who said that to share is the only way to tell that you trust the person. We will also trust that person with out secrets someday but i think we can take our own time. Time as in more time with d person, some experience, some laughter and some tears with the person. Now my friend trust me without his bartering condition. And he even trust me that i will share my problems with him when needed…

And than there is my best friend Shub. Who trust me a lot and i fear that i don’t break his trust someday because I can’t afford to loss him. We all have that one person whom we trust a lot and don’t wanna loss at any cost. Back to the topic and as i said before, to maintain someone’s trust is a great responsibility and if some how we  fail than guilt is what kill us and broken heart kills other person! When someone trust you, its a gift and i am blessed with this gift.

Hence as a return gift and as a gift to my buddy on his coming birthday the countdown continues…

97 days to go!

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Broken promises

As cold as a winters day

~~ Destroying ones trust

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~