Tags » Broken Trust


She saw it, what she was meant to see
And she was delighted
The brightness, the vivid colours, the pretty scenes
She saw cheer, felt it… 156 more words



I would not write a lament for you.

A requiem for you, a song for you,

I would not twine a remembrance for you.

I do not think sweetly of you, of your… 250 more words


Horrors of the Night

The door slams shut, shaking the entire apartment much like a powerful rumble of thunder. An angry stream of profanities echoes down the hall and is followed by a loud crash from the other room as something heavy falls to the ground and breaks. 597 more words


I Don't Know Why

Sitting on the edge of misery
I left a part of me
Emptied pieces of my soul
In an empty cup

He pretended to drink my secrets… 185 more words


The Meeting

When we got back from our holiday there still hadn’t been any word from Teresa. Tom was starting to doubt that she wanted to be with him and inside at least, I was grinning like a cheshire cat. 890 more words


Vague Springs

From this falling summit…

upset in blossomed breaths.

To feel betrayed…failing

in ascending spaces

void of air,

gasping for love life’s chalet.

On a lake we lay… 30 more words


Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned (or not)

Something flipped in me when I read those messages between Tom and Teresa on Facebook. I remember quite clearly going out for a cigarette (yes, I’m naughty, I smoke) and thinking to myself: “That’s it. 781 more words