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Stealing the Woodshed

A few months ago, one of my dear friends posted on Facebook that she is going to the woodshed…and taking a hiatus from social media. 1,519 more words



What is trust?

When a baby screams and screams, for what seems like an eternity to the baby, waiting for their care giver’s face to suddenly reappear over the side of their prison cell known as a crib, they are building trust.  364 more words


Restore Broken Trust

Why do relationships begin so amazingly well, full of hope, excitement and love, but often end up shattered like a glass pane dropped from atop a 10-story building? 42 more words

Ryan Hite

Broken Promises (Haiku)

Broken promises

As cold as a winters day

~~ Destroying ones trust

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Reclaim it.

People do not love you with all your faults. That kind of thing, only happens in the movies.

Never open up to someone, except your parents. 74 more words


Everything is different, and yet the outcome will always be the same. The course of events that played out will once again reemerge, the fates are the same. 147 more words