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Can't deny that I want you but I'ill lie if I have to

We grind and well that’s fine
But it never goes further than that
I don’t wanna keep longing for ya
Nor will I let myself admit I do…
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Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn!

SOURCE:  Adapted from an article by Tim Challies

I hear it so, so often: “Help! My kids are looking at porn!”

A few days ago one mom wrote to say that she and her husband had allowed their young teenaged boys access to the Internet to play an online video game, thinking they had taught and trained the boys well enough that they would be able to resist whatever temptation they encountered out there. 957 more words


Trusting Ripples

So, I just wanted to say a little something about trust.  Of course, we adoptees have great issues with trust and intimacy which are so connected to abandonment and rejection.   444 more words


There--At The Wheel

There–at the wheel of the car that sat behind me,

It isn’t so much what I could here, but more of what I could see. 250 more words


To Wholly Love...

Love, a crystal river ever flowing,
Graceful streams of beautiful clarity.
In true form it progresses unabated,
From, and to, an infinite eternity.

Broken trust, a stone-upon-stone laid dam, 68 more words


~Beautiful Mistake~

Seeing me clear
With a brick wall
Doubting the fact
Is it enough hard & strong?

It’s not the first time
I’m thinking over my choice again… 219 more words