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I’ve always been so sure of what I know

So stark and strong in my convictions

But I think now that I’m wrong

My truth begins to feel like fiction… 31 more words


What I Can’t Say

You look at me as if your insides are breaking

What can I say, I am bleeding, too

Hurry up, the plane is leaving

It’s raining and it’s quarter past two… 145 more words


Mask Poem

This was a poem that I wrote for my English class. The assignment was to describe 2 masks that we wear in our daily life. 247 more words


Strawberry broke my PlayStation... almost.

About two weeks ago I let Mason borrow my sweet little baby, my PlayStation 3 and it’s good friend Borderlands 2. All was well for a while… Mason went back home (like I’ve said, he lives a few hours away) and I let him take it with him so he can finish the game and then we can have the inside jokes and all this other stuff. 148 more words


Jerry from Jail Writes "Praise and Faith and Random Thoughts and Ramblings April 17, 2014"

Are we as Christians just to praise God when everything is going our way? There are many examples in the Bible for us to go by. 1,397 more words


I can’t abide,

But I’m not going to quit,

To you I’ve been like a war-bride,

Maybe, we make a seamless fit


Maybe, I’m scared to love, 294 more words



I realize now that I actually started long ago. The day my father’s words woke me up to the reality of the situation I was living in. 577 more words