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Love Conquers All

This may come out
A little rough
I hate being tough
When I feel
So weak
A broken heart
Isn’t nothing new
To anyone
Who knows… 132 more words


Scattered Thoughts

where am I going wrong?
I know it’s all a big joke,
but I cant help but invest my time in you,
you have my attention, 96 more words

What Annoys Jeff this Week?

Ten hours, 500-ish miles, and three states later, I think I could be forgiven for not immediately checking in to the hotel and sitting down at the keyboard… still, that’s exactly what I’m doing – A) Because WAJTW is a weekly standard that is near and dear to my heart and B) The universe doesn’t stop pissing me off just because I’m on the road. 476 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?

I weep, while you sleep.

Oh baby, where you’d be right now?
in your bed with her,
where we used to breathe,
where you fell asleep talking,
I couldn’t refrain from looking… 74 more words


Walk in my shoes.

Walk in my shoes
and I’ll walk in yours,
you study mine,
I’ll study your flaws.

I’ll prove my promises,
you prove your words,
all that you’d said… 21 more words


A Secret: To Be Broken and Beautiful.

As I sat on the back porch and tried to choke down my black coffee, I was reminded of someone in my life who is truly beautiful. 506 more words


Broken Toys

We’re all broken people.
We’re missing parts that we’ve lost on the long journey.
We don’t work like we were manufactured to work.

We’re all just broken toys. 351 more words