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Don't Text and... (Spoof)

This is a short video my group and I created for our Social Media class. We intended it to be a spoof of the AT&T “Don’t Text and Drive” commercials. 41 more words


Broken- Coalescent films on set

A short film produced by Coalescent Films. Coming soon.

#95 Repair Broken/Loose Dashboard

Well, this was a big project, taking up a large chunk of my Easter weekend.

I grew tired of listening to the dashboard rattle and squeak with minor road disturbances and my daughters who normally drive this car confirmed that this nuisance bothered them as well.  663 more words


Falling To Pieces

It is murderous to have to sit and watch your relationship fall to pieces. Completely into a shattered mess. Like a mirror that has been hit with a bullet and is slowly cracking until the entire thing falls apart. 173 more words



I have been absent due to defeat
Have haunted my nights
And roamed my days.
I’m in a stalemate.
A pause.
A purgatory. 66 more words


day one.

Today is the first day of a new part of my life. Today I have chosen that I need to live my life, that it is not going to be ruled by my love for another. 318 more words


We are all broken,

some more than some.

Like paint swatches we try to find the match,

we try to find the colour to give us the right fix, 74 more words