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Gain or Loss: Business Insurance Broker on Workers Comp Rate Drop

In a bid to attract more investors to Michigan, the state began pulling its workers compensation rates down in 2011. According to the Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA), as of 2014, the rates have dropped by 22.7 percent over a three-year period, and are still expected to drop further next year, bringing them to 27.7 percent over a four-year period. 65 more words

2015 to be a blockbuster year for Real Estate

As many of you who follow real estate know, 2014 was a somewhat disappointing year for Real Estate. Launching from the fast paced gains of 2013, most experts expected to see similar action throughout 2014 and were disappointed by slow gains and modest sales growth. 366 more words


What is Zillow, exactly, and… why?

Well, back in the day, all real estate agents worked for sellers. In Maine, anyway, the seller’s agent collected a commission from the seller, then either found a buyer herself, or paid part of the commission to any “sub-agent” who could rope in a buyer. 429 more words

River Rock Complex takes first steps

What shall become the River Rock Complex took its first steps with the demolition of the old 4-unit apartment building located at 126 Mishawaka Ave in Mishawaka.   102 more words

Drafting Your Real Estate Announcement

Are you just getting started in real estate?  About to make a change in companies or offices?  If so, you need to let EVERYONE know what you are doing! 223 more words


Emporium Bldg-Niles Ave South Bend

Pictured here is a portion of the newly restored brick exterior of the Emporium Building in South Bend.  Local developer Dave Matthews purchased the building back in 2013 and recently began removing the paint from the exterior.   114 more words

Lead Generation: Break Down the Numbers

As real estate sales professionals, we constantly hear about lead generation.  We talk about consistency, farming, spheres of influence, etc.  As important as all of those items are, the numbers behind a strong lead generation platform are equally important. 274 more words