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I love ginger!

Ginger has been used in India and China as both a culinary and a medicinal plant since 5,000 B.C. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it is considered to be one of the most important remedies. 45 more words


My Brother

So, I’m on my way to see my brother in the hospital today. He’s in ICU. He has a lung infection from pneumonia. I was at work when I found out. 596 more words


Be Aware of the Causes of Head Cold Symptoms Before Taking Antibiotics

Acute bronchitis is an infection causing inflammation of the lung’s airways and is one of the most common of human ailments.

It usually begins with head cold symptoms such as a runny nose, sinus congestion, or a sore throat. 468 more words

Colds And Flu

Finishing off pneumonia with herbs and homepathics

Inevitably it seems that pneumonia or bad bronchitis involves severe coughing that either cracks a rib or bruises up your rib cage to the point of great discomfort. 413 more words

Herbal Medicine

When Bronchitis Is a Blessing

There’s been a lot of sickness in Northern Berks County these past several months, and I’ve had my share of it. Thankfully, I’m feeling a whole lot better these days, and it feels good to be productive again. 536 more words

Bits & Pieces

Thoughts of a collapsed lung

Was it a collapsed lung I experienced last year when I thought it was a heart attack?

That’s a question I nowadays ask myself after having read of what the symptoms are if you get a collapsed lung. 1,045 more words

Hand-schuller-christians Disease

Good Clean Country Air

Dear Aubry the diary,

I wish I could write in you more like Autumn. She lives in a real home, her parents have real jobs and she does not have to do so much to keep her home up. 535 more words

Glassinger Heights