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What with Thing 2 telling me I had “the cancer” and being sent off for urgent X-rays, you will (I think) understand that I was getting a little bit worried about my ‘ill-health’. 340 more words

A Positive to Every Negative

I’m at the doctor’s and she’s listening to my breathing. She’s shaking her head and tutting. She picks up her mobile phone and phones in a favour: 263 more words

Tuesdays with Sarah... Sick Day :(

Due to my acute bronchitis, Tuesdays with Sarah will be postponed until next Tuesday, 4/22.  In the meantime, this would be a good opportunity to check out some of my earlier blog posts that you may have missed.  Have a blessed day!


Chinese hospital

When I told my boss I was in the mood for a Chinese Adventure this is not what I had in mind….

No One's Gonna Save Me

I left the POTS Treatment Center two weeks ago. Clearly, I haven’t kept up with posting my treatment experience. I’m so sorry. I do intend to go more in depth with my experience in a later post, but things have been incredibly rough since arriving home. 1,506 more words

Bronchitis Treatment and its Symptoms

Definition: Inflammation of the extensive air entries which convey air from the windpipe to lungs is known as bronchitis

The bronchitis symptoms in the influenced individual may indicate: 248 more words

Homeopathy Treatment

how the day ended

i’m actually going to write about something that happened today, instead of what is already typed, which is silly.

gaboon viper
fifth deadliest in the world… 451 more words