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Bronies: Equestira’s Inhabitants Part 2

This part is for the less known or less of species. There are a lot of them, so this may be a bit long. 493 more words


History According to my Picture Folder Part 1 - 2010

Virtual Procrastination is all about having fun wasting time on the internet. Over the years I saved a whole load of images that make me laugh or smile, and for about 5 years now I have been keeping them in folders for each month, the result being that now, looking through the folders is like seeing a version of history as chronicled by the most gloriously irreverent historian of them all, the internet and the crazed minds that dwell there in. 526 more words


Cartoons and Society, Part I: Bronies

Here is the first part of my Cartoons and Society series about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fanbase, known as the Bronies.

You may know about My Little Pony, the show about well…ponies. 1,212 more words


Bronies: Equestira's Inhabitants

This is the first of about 3 different parts, seeing as how there are a lot of different types of inhabitants than you think. 289 more words


My Little Po--oh, no...

As a kid, I loved My Little Ponies. I never played with Barbies unless it was at someone’s house. Even then, I often brought my ponies along in a carrying case brimming with colorful rubbery bodies and sleek artificial hair. 202 more words


My Fangirl Life Cosplay: My Little Pony

Have you ever dreamed of being a pony? No? Frankly me neither…however I do love being loud & obnoxious and cosplaying as Pinkie Pie allowed me to be just that. 121 more words


Bronies : The Mane Six Part 2

Happy New Years everyone! I’m back to typing my blog! I’ll try to do more blogging, but I do have other things to do. So, here is part 2. 442 more words