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Meanwhile At Warp Zone Podcast Ep. 2 (part 2): My Little Pony

With three large subjects to tackle, Carey, Scott, Amy, and Jen chip off another piece of the daunting task. This part is all about Ponies, Bronies, and all other girly things that Scott SHOULD refrain from divulging his knowledge about but doesn’t. 23 more words


Bronies: The Mane Six

Firstly, yes, that is what the main characters are called. Secondly, this blog will be about the main characters of the story. 455 more words


LexiCon #18 - LexieKart

LexiCon #18 – LexieKart

A father and daughter get back to podcasting while playing Mario Kart 8; plus, a special guest…

What I've Watched 2

Another week, another ‘What I’ve Watched’, so let’s get straight into it:

In no particular order (because I forgot):

Guardians of the Galaxy
Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony… 349 more words

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Research: Gender and Toy Marketing

If I want to find out more about gender stereotyping in our society, I have to go right back to what some might argue to be the beginning of it all. 669 more words



Me and my Wild Child have been watching and singing along to Mulan. Love a Disney sing-a-long. When my children were toddlers we watched Disney sing-a-longs day in and day out. 633 more words

We're Not Alone.

Bronies: Their Creativity Part 2

This one will mainly talk about the fanfictions of MLP. Though this one will be short, it’s still nice to know. 302 more words