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About Bronies and Damaging Masculinity

Bronies are old news now, I think.  Suddenly they popped up out of the frozen wastes of the snow-covered mountains of Masculinity, and made a scene with the locals who could not understand why a Man likes candy-colored ponies who learn about friendship in their daily lives and then talk about it. 309 more words


Bronies, Alert! Your New Favorite Movie Is Coming To Theaters

A “My Little Pony” movie will reportedly gallop onto the big screen in 2017.

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Fearless Faith and a Children's Cartoon

My name is Luke and I love heavy metal music, hunting, video games and sports. I am 6’1″. I have an uncompromising faith in Christ and would fight for Him to my last breath. 780 more words

An Open Letter To Hasbro

Your new series, Transformers-Robots In Disguise, is going to air on Cartoon Network. In the press release, you said it is because more boys watch Cartoon Network, that Transformers are for boys, and that girls watch what is still The Hub and will become Discovery Family. 380 more words

Same Time, Next Week

Apologies, faithful Gastro-A-Go-Goers – no recipe this week. Turns out moving cross-country takes up a lot of time and energy. Who knew? So many good things happening, but consistent internet access and having all the things arriving at the new place are not among them. 43 more words



This video explains how societies use fandom to help overcome the stalwart “norms” that have preciously been set. It states how creativity is nurtured through many different randoms in many forms, from fan fiction to fan art and more. 152 more words