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What Do Bronies Do?

Alright, alright. As Twilight would say, let’s check our checklist!


On Bronies… or how to love and tolerate

Let me start out by saying I LOVE MLP:FiM (except for that Allicorn BS) my favorite two ponies are twilight sparkle and Nightmare Moon… I also have a soft spot for Fluttershy and Dr. 1,900 more words

Episode 13: A Spooky Fedora for Your Legs

Our hosts are fresh off a trip to Boston for PAX East, and boy do they have some gamer convention stories to tell you! Best and worst cosplayers, awkward encounters, nerd-watching, secret masters of fandom and a whole host of other topics pop us as the gang recounts their experiences at the Penny Arcade Expo. 40 more words

A Note on Bronies (and Metrosexuals)

I can’t stand bronies. But not for the reason most can’t.

A “brony” is a male (often older) fan of the animated show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” The current stereotype – and reason for most of the hate towards the subculture – is that of your neck-bearded basement dweller, only with an unhealthy (and often sexual) obsession with young cartoon horses. 590 more words

A Note

No Stars, Faux Stars

Hell yeah, it’s TGIF. This week was pretty domestic.

I binged on Game of Thrones for three days.
Faux Stars: Got a fill of tits, dicks, bitches and witches to sustain a lifetime. 103 more words

No Stars - Faux Stars

What even ARE bronies, anyway?

I’m glad you asked, blog post title! Bronies are conventionally categorized as young adult, usually heterosexual, men and teenagers who enjoy the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 1,167 more words


Episode 112: On Bronies and Fandoms

Simultaneously occurring alongside the URI Graduate Conference was the URI Gaming Convention. An all weekend extravaganza of gaming in any and all forms. Previous years have included such gems for me as playing the incredible Dungeon of Fear and its sequel, far too many hours of booth time, epic matches of Tetris Attack, and play testing URI Gaming Con: the board game (of my own invention). 514 more words