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He Had 👶💘My Ovaries At Hello💘👶

Wow I’m broody as hell and seem to have zero control over my own flipping body! 610 more words

Finding A Husband

My take on New Motherhood

This week’s topic is New Motherhood. The ups, downs, and down right uglies!

To begin with, being a new mother is HARD! That is somewhat difficult for me to admit to others as I was the girl who basically had been broody her whole life. 664 more words


So Jack is 2 and a half and Freddie is 6 months old, I have a few twitter friends with new newborn babies and I have 3 friends that have literally popped out their babies this week! 96 more words

Chick woes continue

A month on and the three chickens that hatched in the incubator are unfortunately  now two as one died at about two weeks old. We don’t know why, he was the biggest by far and appeared to be thriving. 198 more words