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Hey,what's up!

I think they are glad to see me home. The two out front are 4 days old. The one at the back is five.

Early days but it looks like two hens have gone broody, one who has been laying in the barn has rolled a few eggs she had down off the edge of the pallet she had her nest on and has set up a new less exposed nest and looks to be sitting. 55 more words

Chickens / Poultry

September 26th

Today I visited my sisters best friend Becky and her gorgeous 5 week old daughter Lacey.

She is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t get over how cute she is. 18 more words

One A Day

A Hot Topic

Last week we here in southern California were waddled tightly in a heavy woolen blanket of stifling heat. The kind of heat that makes it difficult to catch your breath, let alone complete any task at a rate too slow to be counted as productive. 646 more words

Random Ramblings

Inspiration: Broody interiors and muted pastels? We like!

How many of you have visited Pottery Barn’s Teen section? Ok, we are CLEARLY too old to be using anything designed and intended for teenagers, but we found plenty to like! 145 more words


I had a sleepover

I had my first sleepover, at a guys place, this weekend. We met on Saturday (yesterday) at the train station, his end. We had a catchup, and watched some tv together. 326 more words


Nearly hatch time (?)

It’s getting exciting!  The red hen is almost due.  We did a night mission to candle her eggs, as per the chicken bible. We were later than the midpoint he describes, but what we found: two eggs that look exactly like a normal egg (were they unfertilized?).   510 more words


Must. Raise. Babies. The Tale of a Broody Hen.

Have you heard the term “Momma Hen”? It comes from the fiercely protective mothering instincts that chickens exhibit. They also have a pretty powerful drive to become Mommas. 471 more words