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This is one of my chickens Goldylocks she is very broody so in this picture I just took her out of the nesting box and her legs were very weak I put her on the ground and put leaves all around her she looked so comfortable… 8 more words

Oi, keep off my eggs, says the angry broody goose!

One of our gorgeous gaggle of embden geese has gone broody and she’s a formidable force! She battered my arm with her wing yesterday morning when I took her egg and the other girls’ eggs which she’d pulled in close. 56 more words

Updates From The Farm


What a glorious day today!  Everything is growing and feeling good in the sunshine.  Time for a bit of a spring clean?

The pups certainly thought so!  164 more words

Reasons I can't wait to be a Mum :)

Mum and I about 14 years ago – goofy teeth and cute school uniform say it all :)

So, I’m only 20, but my maternal instinct has been burning away since far too early in my teens for me to even express. 197 more words

I want a baby!!

Tonight I was over emotional at one born every minute. For those that don’t live in the UK we have a programme which is a real life documentary series about a labour ward. 512 more words


Openness and honesty

I had a really great weekend.
We had friends over on Saturday for a nice chilled evening, which I love because it’s the best chance to have a good chat. 59 more words



Listening to him talk to our hamster this morning – referring to me as mummy, reconfirms what I have been thinking a lot recently, I want a baby. 40 more words