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Must. Raise. Babies. The Tale of a Broody Hen.

Have you heard the term “Momma Hen”? It comes from the fiercely protective mothering instincts that chickens exhibit. They also have a pretty powerful drive to become Mommas. 471 more words


Am I getting broody?

Am I really a 33 year old broody single man?

  • What is ‘broody’?
  • Am I ‘broody’?
  • Why am I ‘broody’?
  • How can I deal with being ‘broody’?
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Hatching Chickens - with a broody hen

We have this seasons first broody hen and the good thing is she is in the nest box of the main chook house rather than tucked away under a bush somewhere with  her own eggs and out in the elements of late winter. 326 more words

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Feelin' Broody

Although I haven’t had my period since May 2012, thanks to a combination of extended breastfeeding and genetics, I’m fairly certain I’ve been ovulating. Every once in a while I get crampy on one side (my left side, the ovary that produced all 3 of my pregnancies) and start to feel broody. 406 more words

Single Mom

Just stuff

What a busy weekend! Hubby and I had a lunch date on Friday afternoon and it was weird to have lunch alone with hubby, we never do it anymore. 832 more words


Plug in Baby...

I was born to be a mother. Every since I was a young girl, with my plethora of Tiny Tears and teddy bears, walking them round the “park” which was our small garden in my doll’s pram. 874 more words


PMS for Chickens

It started off so innocently.  Amy, our Black Australorp, starting hanging out in her coop every day.  I didn’t worry about it at first and would occasionally check on her and carry her out of the nesting box to join the other girls.  321 more words