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Moth eyes inspire scientists to cut reflection on solar panels

The eyes of the common moth have led to a novel discovery that could boost the efficiency of solar panels. Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory… 454 more words

Brookhaven National Laboratory: Self-Assembled Nanotextures Create Anti-Reflective Surface: Applications for Solar Cells and Military Radar Camouflage

Reducing the amount of sunlight that bounces off the surface of solar cells helps maximize the conversion of the sun’s rays to electricity, so manufacturers use coatings to cut down on reflections. 871 more words


From Symmetry: "20-ton magnet heads to New York"


January 16, 2015
Justin Eure

A superconducting magnet begins its journey from SLAC laboratory in California to Brookhaven Lab in New York.

Imagine an MRI magnet with a central chamber spanning some 9 feet—massive enough to accommodate a standing African elephant. 1,144 more words

Basic Research

From Brookhaven Lab: "Microscopy Reveals how Atom-High Steps Impede Oxidation of Metal Surfaces"

Brookhaven Lab

December 29, 2014
Karen McNulty Walsh, (631) 344-8350 or Peter Genzer, (631) 344-3174

Rust never sleeps. Whether a reference to the 1979 Neil Young album or a product designed to protect metal surfaces, the phrase invokes the idea that corrosion from… 1,024 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From BNL: "Unusual Electronic State Found in New Class of Unconventional Superconductors"

Brookhaven Lab

December 8, 2014
Karen McNulty Walsh, (631) 344-8350 or Peter Genzer, (631) 344-3174

Finding gives scientists a new group of materials to explore to unlock secrets of some materials’ ability to carry current with no energy loss… 1,216 more words

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