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What the rise of retirees and minorities mean for U.S. business

Two seemingly opposite trends are driving the most dramatic demographic transformation in U.S. history: While the “greying” of the Baby Boom generation continues, at the other end of the spectrum younger minority groups are growing dramatically. 846 more words


Scary Stat of the Day: Over 1/4 of Students With Loans Said They Have No Student Debt

From The Guardian:

Six in 10 college freshmen don’t really know how much debt they have taken on to pay for their first year in college, … 121 more words

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Fight Over Marijuana More Risky In States Than DC

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s easy for Congress to meddle with the District of Columbia’s decision to legalize recreational use of marijuana, but taking on the states is a different matter. 859 more words


Poll: One-state solution to conflict finds rising support in US

by Ilan Ben Zion and Ricky Ben-David
December 6, 2014

A growing number of Americans back the idea of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and over two-thirds of those surveyed in… 59 more words

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Is Washington training an insurgent army to ‘occupy’ Syria?

Is the US planning the occupation of Syria by training an unconventional insurgent invasion force? MAHDI DARIUS NAZEMROAYA*

THINK regime change in Syria is off the drawing board? 2,114 more words


10 U.S. Counties with the Highest Mortgage Interest Deduction Claim Rate

10 U.S. Counties with the Highest Mortgage Interest Deduction Claim Rate
Source: Brookings Institution

The mortgage interest deduction (MID) is one of the nation’s largest federal tax expenditures, allowing taxpayers whose total itemized deductions exceed the standard deduction to deduct interest on their primary residence or secondary home up to certain limits.

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