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September Sunday.

Today I had a picnic in the park. Alone. And it was wonderful. I’ve had dates with myself to concerts, movies, and museums in the past too, and they were all equally thrilling. 41 more words


Luxcon Williamsburg

When I first moved in to Williamsburg, Brooklyn I actually could not afford to move into Williamsburg proper but had to stake my claim with five other room mates on the far edge of this vast territory then currently unknown to so many Manhattenites to which the East Village was the cut off point of no return and served as the place to slum, when one wished to go slumming. 1,779 more words


Day 17..

Well today was 9/11.

I thought i’d down to the memorial today to see what it looked like. I boarded the subway along with a number of men who has their shoes shined and suits pressed. 149 more words