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happy fish are warmer fish ...

I am about to leave on a field trip to where there are no fish … The Great Sandy Desert beckons, I will be back on Sunday night all going well.In the meantime, some reading at Jonova, where… 169 more words


Brolga haven ...

Brolgas in front of paperbark trees in a conservation park just north of Broome … Brolgas are Australia’s largest crane, click to enlarge.


turquoise sea at Cable Beach ...

A couple of North West cloud bands rolled across from NWest Australia in the last 10 days, splitting each side of Broome. To our north over 200ml of rain fell and to our south, about 50ml on average. 16 more words


why I like the tropics ...

EPA ban on wood stoves is freezing out rural America
Ice Cap – Joe D

Don’t worry, the Greenies wanted that, didn’t they, Gore, Strong, McKibbon et al, Hollywood, White House, General Electric too!

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BoM's predictions ... still failing

BoM are expecting a warm Australian winter/spring. I predict the opposite, but hope I’m wrong. BoMs past predictions have been poor:  A fail for Australian Bureau of Meteorology temperature Outlooks for Autumn 2014… 289 more words