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back to the bush ... station life

Station country in both Kimberley and Pilbara areas that I visit on field trips are covered in this interesting blog with guest posters from cattle station women. 102 more words


unclassified, and extremely remote, species ...

The Kimberley and adjacent regions have many remote inaccessible areas, which means that much of the flora and fauna is unclassified. Geoff Vivian reports: Remote Kimberley teeming with unclassified life. 492 more words


the tomato business from the bush ...

Bush tomatos are a strong commercial possibility for cultivation, something we will be looking at in the near future …


[...] The plant in question is the bush tomato, also known as the bush raisin, a very close relative of the more familiar tomato.

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the fruitful desert ...

The Great Sandy Desert gardens are a very fruitful place. Fruits, nuts, seeds and grains have had exceptional growth this year following a solid wet season and some north west cloud bands taking tropical moisture through to Australia’s populated Southeast. 72 more words


the Great Sandy Gardens ...

After a tiring 1400km round trip, a few pics to whet the appetite. A wonderful and diverse region of flora and fauna, I have decided to change the name from Desert to Gardens, if the mapmakers want to change it to something that better describes the area. 68 more words


happy fish are warmer fish ...

I am about to leave on a field trip to where there are no fish … The Great Sandy Desert beckons, I will be back on Sunday night all going well.In the meantime, some reading at Jonova, where… 169 more words