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not far out from Broome ...

Last week’s small adventure visiting bush and salt flats to see what changes may have happened, now the wet season is over. No rain for 2 weeks, Easterly winds, warm days, cooler nights, shows that life goes on as usual: 67 more words


up the creek ... with a paddle

Sailed up Dampier Creek in Broome this morning, looking for climate refugees, or the local croc Found a refugee boat, and a mud crab after disentangling from mangroves. 316 more words


stone axes, spears and ancient string ...

A similar axe tool was found by our group on a field trip a few years ago. It was returned to the ecstatic senior traditional lawman of the area in the Central Kimberley Tablelands, now this find is reported by Geoff Vivian at SNWA: 147 more words


the eyes have it ...

Laying in the sand on Cable beach, watching the world go by, until the tide returns, some clown picks me up and looks at me. Put me back!: 169 more words


weekly report ...

…A big week coming up on sowing seeds, last week’s selection are springing up, including the fabulous Sturt’s Pea, Swainsona formosa:

Crotalaria verrucosa:

Potted up into large tubes were a number of Barringtonia acutangula, a Freshwater Mangrove that inhabits the Fitzroy River and most Kimberley Rivers. 261 more words


mud crawling animals at the beach ...

home cable beach 054

JavaScript required to play home cable beach 054.

I am posting this video now, as I haven’t yet seen it, and I would like to see how it works out on this page. 158 more words


the wonder of seeds ...

This article is what my main interest is in, the collection and use of viable seed in nursery and rehabilitation practices. seeds are such a wondrous item that evolution has created for the proliferation of life sustaining futures for plant life. 556 more words