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Bros with Benefits- The Modern Bootycall

Everyone likes to relive their glory days in college. The days when you could eat an entire pizza before bad and wake up skinnier. The days when no one gave you a side eye when you were drinking a beer at 11 a.m on a Tuesday. 933 more words

That Guy: Who Flaunts His Wealth

Whether you’re made of money or a baller on a budget, chances are you have at least one friend with some kind of freedom to make it rain. 501 more words


Boom! 1/8 DMD

As of today I have officially completed 1/8 of my DMD degree at HSDM! Woo!!!! Final completed, got some more sleep, about to go to TGIF to celebrate, play some Super Smash Bros Wii U tonight for the first time (finally!), have an awesome gf, get to finally get back to working on Christmas presents, life is good! 89 more words

The Bronomicon

Do you often find yourself in need of the perfect portmanbro – that is to say, a portmanteau created by combining an existing word with the word bro? 547 more words

The Saga of the Beer Bros: Part One

It was my first day at the new job. Here I was, a hotshot young finance bro in a big city, finally starting my real life. 878 more words

Short Stories

Super Smash Bros Wii U

Super Smash Bros Wii U

I got super smash bros Wii U a few weeks ago and last week when my aunt and uncle came over, the first time we played I won ;D,then the other few times we played was when our uncle won…….my sister got so mad. 10 more words