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Here’s my entry to the 2014 Gender Jam. The purpose of the jam was to make a game based on your personal experiences with gender. 158 more words

Game Design

My Disinterest in Today’s Society’s Interest in the Act of the Personal Portrait Called the #Selfie

This is Airec Sype here letting you know that I HATE SELFIES!

Seriously, Je*us. Ever since Instagram pop’d up on every smart phone, every mother effer in the world is taking selfies. 520 more words


Standards: Beer Goggles

Ever heard the term: I went to bed at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2? Let’s face it, it happens. 740 more words

Hooking Up

Gym observations

I have been going to the gym for over 12 years now.  Naturally this gives me the god-given right to judge everyone in my path.  Here are things I have observed over the years. 615 more words


Security Detail- IdeaSchool 2014

A photo of the boys on the last day of our self Portrait Project. Presentation Day.
IdeaSchool, Eastern Institute of Technology 2014


EnderGaming's Keep Track SSB4 Roster

I made this roster to keep track of the characters that will appear in Super Smash Bros 4!