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Will’s father was a professor at the University, and this got Will excellent leverage on the meal plans.  He had texted his friends on the way to the dining hall “ 716 more words


Goodbye, Yellow Brick Bro'd: The End-Tourage

I don’t know why I watch Entourage. It’s, I think, a comedy, but I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally laughed at something on it that was intended to be a joke. 1,489 more words


Bros before Hoes

Here’s my Sunday story after a weekend of partying. My co-worker invited me to his birthday a couple days back, so I obliged. I showed up after work, arrived before the birthday boy, because he was working somewhere else. 596 more words

Short Stories

F - the Festival, Fireworks

The closing hours of the last day of August would see the end of the official Festival for the year and would be marked with the customary fireworks concert – Owen chose this as the perfect time to stage his break-in of Jolly Rowntree’s Edinburgh residence. 143 more words

Mr. Fratto Gets Strong (Part 1)

If you’ve seen the advertisement for Mr. Fratto Gets Really Buff, I think this is the final product.

If getting really strong could happen overnight, I’d be really strong. 15 more words




High School Basketball



Second consecutive weekend with my ride or die swolemate. Next week, I’m heading up to SF to make it the third. Life is pretty cool right now. 13 more words