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We were all supposed to get together for Easter at your parents’ place. I was so excited and looking forward to seeing you again. However, yesterday your mother called and cancelled it. 247 more words

Happiness is Right Here

The above song came out right around the time my sister and her (now) husband were planning their wedding.  I think both my mom and I hoped that they would choose it as their wedding song, because it was just so “them.”  Little did we know that they had another very special song in mind. 495 more words


Dieters Gone Wild

Diets… and there goes a sigh. I never thought I would get myself into this predicament, but I like my old self. My face has gained some extra happy cheeks, so here I am at it for real this time. 255 more words


Wedding Weekend!

What a perfect weekend! Friday was a delicious dinner provided by Divine Swine. The best pork ever.

That’s Aubrey with her great grandma!

Saturday was the wedding. 138 more words

Is it just me or....

Literally five minutes ago my brother-in-law decided it would be a good idea to like lay on my sisters pregnant belly and talk to the baby. 189 more words