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Not exactly a peachy day

So yesterday my brother-in-law…let’s call him AssClown, told me that the reason my husband cheated, prior to the wedding, is because I have a smart mouth. 174 more words


Health Insurance????

Leaving for Deer Lake shortly on our way home. Hopefully real blogs will start up in a day or two???? In the meantime!!!!

The hospital Bill… 238 more words

Just Fooling

Gold Inside

She watched them as they broke down together, tears running down their faces and their noses turning red.

Some people can cry and still look quote beautiful, others can get away with looking ‘ok’ while their composure is lost. 63 more words


Pastor's Ponderings, Wanderings, Wonderings

Day four:

1. Thankful for my brother and sister’s spouses.  Dianne and Mike have been a blessing throughout the years. Our Mom’s and Dad’s must have given us each a sense to choose the right person because we all have been married over 40 years. 169 more words

Wesley United Methodist Church

(With)In Laws

Working within the law, is a difficult task in India. Primarily for the commoners, because most laws have such loop holes, that you do not have to follow them. 1,012 more words


Dear Baby Rosenfeld

For you I pray.  You haven’t appeared in this world yet, though you are dearly missed in our arms.  I can’t imagine what it will be like- to face this much love as you enter this world, but I promise you, we’ll keep it up.   364 more words

Soon To Be Catagorized

Plot Twist

So guess what – I’m pregnant! I did a home pregnancy test yesterday night and it was positive. Wow! I cannot yet believe it. It feels so unreal. 426 more words