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Jack & Jones Men's 'Brother' Shoes EUR 44 Brown

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Dsquared² Loose Fit Jeans BIG DEAN'S BROTHER JEANS, Color: Blue, Size: 44

Reviews Dsquared² Loose Fit Jeans BIG DEAN’S BROTHER JEANS, Color: Blue, Size: 44 for sale

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Discipline Vs. Judgment

by Neil Anderson

September 30

Galatians 6:1 

Brethren, even if a man is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness… 354 more words


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Recently I began to get involved in a process known as "Discovery", finding the positives in people with complex needs, and then providing a profile to assist them in obtaining meaningful employment. As I've entered into this area of service I've learned about the power of words, in a way I'd never thought of previously.  Speaking in regards to the individual, as who they are first, and not as to what issues they are dealing with. For instance, seeing Bobby as:

"You know Bobby, the boy with autism."
as opposed to:
"You know, the autistic, boy, Bobby."
There is a big difference. I see this reblogged post in the same light, and I'm saddened to say that I've referred to my own children as "liars", instead of........ just pointing out that they just lied. man pointing Because they aren't "liars", they are wonderful kids, that told a lie. That isn't good and it needs corrected, but it doesn't define who they are. I am not all the things I've done wrong over my life, either. Neither are you. We are Creations of the Almighty, and we were created in His image. Oh and sometimes (way more often than we should) we do things that are wrong, let's call it what it is..... We Sin. Still we are God's creation and He loves us so much that He paid the ultimate price for all of us! Christian brothers and sisters need to build each other up, and calling a sin committed a sin, when confronting the brother or sister is appropriate. Calling the brother or sister a sinner is not. God has made them righteous because of their faith, they are no longer a sinner, but an adopted child of God! He has thrown that sin, to the bottom of the sea, or as far as east is from the west!  How dare we  nail it to our brother/sister. woman pointing Address the sin, don't judge the individual that sinned. Iron sharpens Iron! Sharpen each other with iron. Don't attempt to sharpen our brothers and sisters spiritually by dulling each other with a judgemental stoning !iron

I Need a New Beach

I said goodbye to my brother last week.  Well, really, I said goodbye to Carolina Beach last week.  Before he died in July, 2013, my brother worked and lived around Carolina Beach for about 30 years. 458 more words

Nicolas Cage Says His Christian Pastor Brother Inspired Him To Star In 'Left Behind'

Screen Grab

Faith based Hollywood film ‘Left Behind’ is set to release October 3 in theaters and a recent video revealed that it was not the $15 million dollar budget that inspired “A list” actor Nicolas Cage to take the lead role, but it was his brother Mark, who’s a Pastor… 128 more words


Day 6 of 25

Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of A Best Friend.  

This day gets two songs. My best friend reminds me of two songs. Truly listen to both of them with both your heart and your mind I know Shaun already knows where they come from!

Blog Challenge

He's like a brother to me!!

I don’t understand why someone should be “like a brother” or “like a sister”! Especially when it means that we’re not what you are thinking we are and hence, you can say we’re like siblings! 243 more words

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