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A letter to my youngest brother Louie

Dear Louie,

You’ll probably find this weird that I’m writing this for you in my personal blog… I’m always weird, so don’t worry, this is just normal though this is the first time that I will be doing this for you. 516 more words

Your First Bully

Your family was your first bully.

It wasn’t your first grade classmate who called you fat in your class. It wasn’t your high school classmates who took advantage of your vulnerability. 328 more words

Online Journal

Something overdue.

There is this cool app these days called Timehop.  Everyday it provides you with photos you’ve taken and posted on social media on that day, from all the years past. 1,097 more words


Brother - from the 'Job' till the 'prophets' (KJV)

Thine own friend,
and thy father’s friend, forsake not;
neither go into thy brother‘s house
in the day of thy calamity: 1,529 more words



I love absolutely love birthdays no matter if it’s mine or anyone else’s. My brothers 10th birthday was November 18; he had some very particular specifications for his big day. 112 more words

On The Road


Dear Jane

Since I have no address of yours the first half is to me and the someone known to be God.  It’s a thing I think about but if I could just get the address I’d send it to you no matter how much I’ve written with my complex writing that only I understand but I know you’ll get it. 1,147 more words