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Chapter One: In Which I Introduce Myself

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

-Pablo Picasso

I’m not a formal person. No really, I’m not. That first post I wrote, the one called “Prologue”?

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Daddy's Girl

Okay. So when I grow up, I want to be a manuscript editor. so right now, reading is the best thing. I am almost always on Wattpad reading fanfictions, romances, fantasies, almost anything you can imagine, I have probably read it. 302 more words


My Sisters Sure Were Lucky!

A while back, over at dVerse, we were asked to write Character Sketches.  Today we have been invited to write poetic self-portraits.  One of the poems that I wrote for the character sketch prompt happened to be a self portrait.   204 more words


Little divas & baking

Hi, geeks!

Here’s a little bit about how my day was^^

As usual, I started the day with a mix of bananas and an orange. 297 more words

From My Life...

Feature: Sudhamshu Mitra

Mitra is my most beloved cousin brother, who has a knack for writing superb poetry. There have been some works of his which I have not been able to read through without a dictionary! 216 more words


I apparently used to attempt to cook.  Now it’s just a non-starter.  Get me out of the kitchen!

16 Big Ways You Know You Love Your Little Brother

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1. You’ve stuck up for him every time someone tried to bully him at school. If you got into a fight because of it, more brotherly love to you, because that’s the one of the few reasons I’ve thrown and received punches. 436 more words