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Boston Weekend

Holy crap; it finally happened! After 2.5 years of not seeing my brother… We finally connected! Mom and I flew out east to attend his & his fianc├ęs wedding shower! 478 more words


100 Days of Happiness Day 96 - Things got hectic!

I’ve missed a couple of days on this, I’m sorry. Things got kind of hectic over the past few days and I’m just now finding the time to catch my breath. 302 more words

100 Days Of Happiness

My Love

Today is my first baby brother’s birthday. So, this post is dedicated to my first baby brother. I remember when I found out I had a baby brother. 411 more words


Oh, Brothers

My brother is 15. He’s kinda weird like me so he’s definitely one of my favorite people ever. I’ve really been enjoying my time here with my parents (although if I get asked to clean one more time I swear to sweet cheesus I will flip out) and i’m happy to be spending this time with the jobro. 481 more words


Things are getting tense.

My brothers going through the same stage, or atleast down that path from what I can see. Mom asks him to do things, he doesnt, when she gets mad about him not doing the things she asks, he makes her feel like a terrible person. 164 more words