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Dear brother

His eyes captivated mine

For they looked just like what I see in the mirror

Full of life

And soul

But somehow I knew that wasn’t true… 20 more words

My brother, my friend, my philosopher.

My brother is four years elder to me and therefore has always been a huge influence. When i was younger, I was awed by his capability to do things i could not. 483 more words


The First Salary Feeling

I have an older brother, and with him working part-time over the summer holidays I’ve been seeing less and less of him. I’ve noticed a significant decline in living room cushion-fights (I bet Mum’s been relieved!) and the days have been a little quieter with him not bouncing around in the house. 540 more words

Hati-Hati memilih Tinta Untuk Printer

Merek tinta di pasaran semakin banyak yang bermunculan, dari merk yang terkenal sampai merek merek yang di bikin sendiri oleh pemilik toko, dari tinta suntik untuk ke cartridge samapai tinta isi ulang untuk tabung infus, bagaimana caranya memilih tinta printer yang sesuai untuk printer anda agar tidak merusak printer dan hasil print anda ? 139 more words

Where Art Thou, Brother?

So, I sit here tonight, reflecting on my past, once again. What started as a blog for the unusualness (I will make up my own words if I please) that is I, became a blog of confessions, venting, and feelings. 428 more words

Heavenly Birthday Gifts

Let me start by saying I NEVER find feathers just on any random day. Ok, well rarely. And I am a VERY observant person. Almost to a fault. 988 more words