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There is a ....

I can’t even begin to say it here. I am so thankful that my older brother came to help. I am a giant scared cat. … 96 more words


It is a widely unaccepted truth that you cannot please everyone. I say ‘unaccepted’ in the sense that we often try to fight this fact, to our peril. 424 more words


Re-learning to love

I put the period at the end of the email to Martha, my dad’s financial coordinator at John Hopkins when my brother called.

“Daddy its Stephan” I said. 268 more words

Happy National Twin Day!


I’ve been celebrating twin day every day of my life! It’s funny because most people don’t even know that we’re twins because we’re definitely not identical and we don’t even look that much alike. 244 more words

It's your birthday Brat!! Or Man??

Bro: “Shut up!!! Mom loves me more”

Me: “ You shut up, and so does dad”

Those were the days, when we ( me and my demon brother)  fought umpteen number of times in a day. 535 more words


Update and Musings...

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

#TerrorTunnels: Hamas Detonates Suicide Bomb, Kidnaps IDF Soldier Just 90 Mins Into Ceasefire


Rouhani: ‘This Festering Zionist Tumor Has Opened Once Again’ 4,904 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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Don't Guilt Trip Parents Of The Disabled

Regularly readers know that occasionally I mention my disabled brother, who I look after full-time. Blogging about other things that matter to me is my way of saying I am more than a family care giver. 443 more words

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