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Ahzek Ahriman’s Rubicae – Thousand Sons Stage 2

So Stage 2 is just a small stage. I was working on the banner man for my Thousand Sons unit. I don’t actually have a “banner” in the unit, as in I didn’t pay points for the Icon of Flame, however I like to have banners in all my units for a cooler look. 297 more words


There Are Good People In This World

In the interest of keeping it positive tonight, let me just say that in the midst of what has been a very rough time, I had an interaction today that gave me such joy. 324 more words

Scarab Occult - Chaos Terminators Stage 1

Over the weekend I decided to get started on putting together some of my Scarab Occult Terminators.

From the picture above you can see that the termis are very much like the Forgeworld CATAPHRACTII PATTERN TERMINATORS. 359 more words


A Textual Illustration On Building Bridges: The River

Today I want to illustrate the concept of building bridges. The term to “build a bridge”’ is the act of creating a relationship, either it be romantic or for friendship. 371 more words



Some men sat
on the crest
of the world,
and say they saw
something sacred,
but truth is
the view
is the same.

As slums may hold… 10 more words


answering critics and some humor

Answering critics
Woman hater? A frequent blue pill claim about me and the RedPill world at large is we hate women. It’s fucking stupid. Most men have women in their life to varying degrees. 1,474 more words