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Thoughts of peace, love and unity.

Baha’i faith, from the Peace Bible: Los Angeles; Kalimat Press, 1986, P. 36. Abdu’l-Baha from the Paris talks of 1911.

I charge you all that each one of you concentrate all the thoughts of your hearts on love and unity. 51 more words

Charles Elffers

Syrian Army Kills Large Number of ISIL Commanders in Deir Ezour

Local Editor

The Syrian army killed large number of ISIL commanders, including a dissident officer, called “Sukkar Abu Nidal al-Ahmad”, as its troops targeted the militant strongholds in the city of Muhasan in Deir Ezour. 236 more words

War On Syria

No Comments: Listen to the Bastard, Khalid Mishael, thanking the "brave" Amir of Qattar, Erdoghan, Tunis Marzouki, Kuwait, Oman, Malisya.............and Iran

 خالد مشعل من خندقه في فندق بخمسة نجوم في الدوحة عن الانتصار في العصف الماكول بغزة؟؟؟ بدون تعليق 

مشعل يكتفي بشكر قطر وتركيا وتونس.. ويتعرض للنقد


Momma’s Strategy for Increased Chapter Involvement

By: Communication Coordinator Cole Yearwood, Oklahoma State ’09

I was a rambunctious young child to say the least. Always touching things, always asking questions, always wandering off or some combination of the three. 648 more words


Ferguson: Take Two

I confess. After my last blog related to Ferguson, I have continued to read, observe, listen and think. Based on Proverbs 18, I stand by everything I wrote. 1,281 more words


COR 2014: Retreat crashes to an end with memorable adventures and experiences

Day 9: Tuesday, August 12
As I lay in my sleeping bag, squished next to Jayson Fisher, a fellow national advisor, I realized two things. First, two-person tents are a lot smaller than I had assumed. 1,573 more words

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