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A Grimm night out

There’s a theory, called ‘nominative determinism’, in case you’re curious, that says people are drawn to occupations because of their surnames: Baker, Tiler etc. I wonder if the same thing was going on for the Brothers Grimm, whose unsettling stories have been given a theatrical makeover by Philip Pullman (of… 325 more words

Kate Bernheimer On Fairy Tale and Form (Part 1): Flatness & Abstraction

There’s a wicked witch outside my window watching me type and I suddenly realise that my imagination has taken me away, and now, I’m inside a fairy tale. 1,404 more words


Psychopathic Wolf

The act of deception in Little Red Riding Hood is intriguing due to its lack of necessity. Why would the wolf not just eat her up and be it done with? 206 more words

Photoshoot - Book Cover - Preview

Well I had my Photo shoot yesterday and did not get off to a very good start.

The morning of the shoot my model called me up sick! 131 more words

Contemporary Photography