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Philosophy of One Piece: Self-sacrifice is a means of love and protection | The Ocean's Treasure

Spoilers for Chapter 583 to Chapter 731

Last time, I think might have spent too much time reflecting on Ace’s situation and characterization and less on the philosophical implications. 1,423 more words

One Piece

Mismatched (Part 5) Gretty and Grandma

Mismatched (Part 5)

Gretty and Grandma 

Gretchen stood at the backdoor facing the backyard. She gathered her composure and walked to the living room. She entered the room with a quiet and composed dignity, but everyone could observe she was fragile. 628 more words

Daily Prompt


The Boy is very picky about his work shoes – they have to look nice with slacks but stand up to walking through construction sites. He found a pair that he liked last week, but not in the color he needed, so he had to have them shipped to him. 187 more words


Me & "About a Boy"

Have you ever seen a movie or a show and immediately felt as if you know the characters in real life? This is my instant connection to NBC’s series, About a Boy. 326 more words


Purity Tip Wed 4-23-14

When we make mistakes in the area of purity, we have the freedom as Christians to make our hearts right with God through repentance: