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Bears at Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe

I was so lucky to be here at Taylor Creek on this beautiful day in October…I told my boyfriend, if you get here early morning or late evening you might get lucky and see some bears and just as I said that as we were heading down the trail we`spotted a couple of bears in the creek and a ton of people on the bridge taking pictures…The bears didn’t seem to mind the people, and for the most part everyone stayed there distance from them.


An Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt - Jerry 2014

My hunting buddy Jerry is a big contributor to Remote Pursuits. He helps me with gear reviews, puts up with my ideas, and is always ready for an adventure. 1,407 more words

First Lite

Kodiak Bear Casually Running 30 mph down a highway...

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Everyone says that bears are as fast as horses, but I have never seen that fact demonstrated quite like it is in this video.   28 more words

The not-so-scientific explanation for bears, part 2

Everyone knows, the sun is nice. This, our bear, he knew.

He sat there, in the snow he did, while years they past him flew. 593 more words

Animaly Story

The not-so-scientific explanation for bears, part 1

I like bears, they’re so furry and their furriness is diverse.

Once there was a panda bear, extremely sad was he.

He always cried and moaned and wailed, his eyes you couldn’t see. 384 more words

Animaly Story