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on the Sizes of Stars

Stars are easy to understand.  The definition of a star is pretty clear: Stars are self-gravitating masses of gas* that sustain nuclear fusion in their cores.  689 more words


Water ice clouds discovered in distant brown dwarf

(Artist’s conception of brown dwarf WISE J085510.83-071442.5 – Photo Credit: Rob Gizis (CUNY BMCC/YouTube)

For the first time, astronomers have detected water ice clouds outside of our solar system in a newly discovered brown dwarf that’s believed to be as cold as the North Pole. 257 more words

Outside Our Solar System

Astronomers: 'First Evidence' Of Water Clouds Discovered Outside Solar System

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Astronomers say they’ve discovered water ice clouds on a “brown dwarf” just 7.3 light-years from Earth – the first candidate outside our own solar system to have direct evidence of water clouds. 401 more words