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A Graph Showing Approximate Mass-Boundaries Between Planets, Brown Dwarfs, and Red Dwarf Stars

I found the data for this graph from a variety of Internet sources, and it is based on a mixture of observational data, as well as theoretical work, produced by astronomers and astrophysicists. 90 more words

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Proposed Mechanisms for New and Different Types of Novae

The picture above shows a proposed model for the production of a sudden increase in the brightness of a star — or rather, what is apparently a single star, optically, but would actually be a suddenly-produced binary stellar system. 559 more words

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The Galactic Neighbourhood

An invisible brown dwarf has been found a mere 7.2 light years away, by space telescopes searching in the infrared.
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KID 10666592 KOI:K00002.01 Update

KESIDE includes two filters to help in picking out signals from noisy datasets:

  1. A comb filter that both extracts the transits where any observation date is known, along with the period between transits, and the transit duration; and removes the orbiting body from the data ready for being re-input into the detector.
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KID 10666592 K00002.01: A Luminous Gas Giant?

EDIT:  I have opened a discussion on this object at planethunters.org:  http://talk.planethunters.org/chat/discussions/DPH1029iol

Note:  I don’t know what, if any, name has been given to this class of exoplanet, so I have chosen to call them “luminous gas giants”.  272 more words

Brown Dwarf

Sorting Out the Candidates

At this point, I have created rgb images for all the objects I want to check out in the field of view of interest. There were hundreds of objects, but that is why computer programming exists. 270 more words