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Busy day: I stayed busy today and it went quick. Cleaning this morning and weed eating this afternoon.

Birds: Here is a Male Brown-Headed Cowbird. 56 more words


Panoramic View of Birds

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Can you ID this bird?

ANSWER: Female Brown-headed Cowbird

The brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) is a small brood parasitic icterides of temperate to subtropical North America. 113 more words


Guest Post: Backyard Birding Moments pt. 1

The first offspring of one of our visiting Northern Cardinal couples is seen here. A memorable moment was watching the father feed it, then hiss and chase it away. 223 more words

Ontario Birds

Last Week's Visitors

Our weather has been a bit harsh this past week. The temperatures have been in the mid (90º’s), the humidity also high that makes hot day even worse being muggy. 59 more words


Calm After the Storm

Wednesday at late afternoon we had quite a storm!. It went from being a sunny and bright day into a dark as night under black clouds and subsequently became a tremendous storm, with all elements together: Copious rain, loud thunders and like I’ve never seen before a never ending amount of lightening, the combination of elements shook the house! 128 more words


Last Week's Visitors

Here’s a small gallery of birds that visited my backyard last week.

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Cowbird Migration?

Seeing larger groups of Brown-headed Cowbirds making a stop in my backyard it means that they are somehow starting to make a move to the further south. 108 more words