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How Sweet It Is: Natural Sweeteners

Sugar can be a quite scary thing when it comes to our bodies. Not only does sugar help to pack on some hefty pounds, but it can also lead to things like spikes in blood sugar. 553 more words


Homemade Snack: The Weelicious Chewy Granola Balls

This is my second time making the Weelicious rice crispy balls, granola ball bites, whatever you call ‘em.

After watching her adorable videos 1… 411 more words


Caramel Millet

These little yummies don’t look like anything special, but once you have them, you usually can’t stop eating them. The first time I made them for my mom she jokingly called be “devil child” for making something so yummy and easy to snack on. 341 more words


Puffed Cereal Peanut Butter Krispie Bars

My 12 year old daughter, Brynn, and I spent the day shopping at stores that we have never been to.  We had a blast.  We started by going to several antique stores looking for a vanity bench for her bedroom.   247 more words


Time-crunched crispiness [Healthier Crispy Peanut Protein Cereal Bars]

Chewy and crispy cereal bars reminiscent of Rice Krispie treats but in a healthier and less indulgent way. A low-fat, higher-protein take on a classic. 718 more words

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Homemade Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I’ve eaten more than my share of hard and sugary granola bars over the years. After all, they’re convenient and portable. Unfortunately, some of them are also sadly lacking in the taste department. 559 more words


The Modern No Bake Cookie

What makes this age-old recipe modern? The healthier ingredient substitutions, of course. Brown rice syrup, unsweetened coconut and gluten-free oats weren’t in my grandma’s cupboard, but these cookies sure do remind me of her! 108 more words

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