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Brown Rice-Shrimp Jambalaya

Dinner tonight, September 18, 2014
Dinner tonight, November 10, 2013
Really delicious and flavourful dish, serving for kids skip the tomatoes with green chilies . I had too let it cook for an hours because the rice was not done after 30min.
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Chicken Tikka Masala

I’m still on that Indian spices kick that I mentioned last week after watching The Hundred Foot Journey!  I was watching The Mind of a Chef yesterday and it was on curry…what else?   791 more words


vegetarian garlicy, buttery rice with tomato and avocado

i eat a ton of rice. obviously this is one you can make your own, too, if you want to mix and match other veggies/add some meat to it! 189 more words


Baby Bok Choi

Baby Bok Choi Stir Fired with Spicy Ginger Garlic Sauce.
Served with Brown Rice and Tofu Triangles.

Bok Choi

Transforming My Taste Buds

Last night I made baked carrots with fresh ginger and garlic. It’s my new favorite way to enjoy carrots. I used to be much pickier with my eating preferences.   909 more words


Sunday morning I woke up extra early to get everything together for the lesson Mom and I were teaching for church. I had all the stuff ready and was fully prepared only to find out I had been e-mailed the wrong lesson! 1,275 more words

Crispy Green and White cauliflower with Nutty Brown Rice

A lot of children do not like cauliflower. I was not one of them. Growing up cauliflower was always one of my very favourite vegetables. In Palestine cauliflower is often deep-fried and served on its own or baked into rice dishes with other deep-fried vegetables. 289 more words