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The More Things Change

Earlier this week, after completing a two-year fellowship with the Harvard Strategic Data Project, I had the privilege of serving as the speaker for my cohort (Cohort 4) during our graduation ceremony. 781 more words

THE ROBERTS’ COURT SHOULD STFU (Part I): Judicial Statesmanship vs. Legalistic Nitpicking

Federal District Judge Richard Kopf (Neb), an appointee by George H.W. Bush, needs be thanked for the rude abbreviation (Shut The F— Up) in this title. 1,442 more words

July 4th Thoughts from a Patriotic Nerd

  • The US is an amazing country.  I love being an American for the reasons I toss out here and many more.
  • The primary reason the US is an amazing country is that we have written into our constitution and laws  — and our deepest sense of who we are  —  the ability to continue to make this a…
  • 453 more words
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