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The Hackaday Antiduino Browser Plugin

Hackaday – and the projects featured on Hackaday – get a lot of flak in the comments section simply for mentioning an Arduino. The Arduino complainers are, of course, completely wrong; everyone here is trying to make something, not make something in the most obscure possible way. 201 more words


Use Social Bookmarking or Research Tools for Faster and Easier Internet Research

Conducting internet research is time-consuming. You can use online tools to save the webpage of the content that you find useful and then read them in detail later. 490 more words

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Getting Rid of Java (Finally)

I actually still have the Java plugin enabled in my web browser.  I know, I know.  With all the security implications surrounding Java, why do I still have it enabled on my home machines?  169 more words


Project Naptha

Edit or replace text inside of images while inside of your web browser with this Firefox plugin. Take a look at the projects homepage.

Link: Project Naptha


The plugin is called Ghostery, and it’s a free download that serves a single purpose: It shows you all of the code on a given webpage that tracks your browsing habits in one way or another, and it blocks as many of them as it can from collecting data. 108 more words


The murky world of lobby groups bankrolling politicians is garnering more attention, but is there a way to find out which representatives are in the pocket without a lot of tedious research? 108 more words