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MozillaがWebアプリケーションをクロスプラットホームにテスト/デバッグできるツールをローンチ(まだ実験段階) [ #cbajp ]




Make Firefox for Linux use Dolphin to 'Open Containing Folder'

When I click on the Download Manager icon on the tool bar, Firefox for Linux 32.0 opens a small pane listing downloads in progress, if any, and a link ‘Show All Downloads’. 335 more words


Secure Browsing, Part 2 - Risks

OK Digital Warriors, this lesson is Secure Browsing Part 2 – Risks.

We’ve already covered Part 1 – Installing Firefox, HTTPS Everywhere, and what HTTPS/SSL is. 110 more words

Level 1 IO

Automated sql restoring using browser

Have you ever gotton in a situation where you have large sql dump file that you need to restore, but you dont have direct connection to the database  that is hosted by the remote server? 203 more words

Chrome browser can be a valuable parental control

I used to be, and probably still am, skeptical and distrusting of Google’s Chrome browser and it’s ability to store your bookmarks, browsing history and passwords in the cloud. 206 more words

Internet Safety

Play X1 In Your Browser

Microsoft is working on the ability to stream Xbox One and Xbox 360 games through a web browser, a report claims.

Tech site Neowin claims to have a source that says Microsoft is optimising a new cloud-based streaming service that will enable players to stream Xbox games at close to 60fps on a browser. 144 more words


Tabnabbing - a new phishing attack

A perfect find to complement Lesson 0021, Secure Browsing Part 2 – Risks, which we’ll publish this weekend.  Notice this relies on using a Javascript exploit, which we’ll discuss in Lesson 0021, and which Tor Browser helps you disable as a security measure (NoScript Add-On Extension) 322 more words

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