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A Dark Room (2013)

This game has been developed at doublespeak games by Amir Rajan and Michael Townsend.

It’s a progressive game that I, personally, love very much. Imagine this: You woke up in a dark room, you can see nothing but a burned out fire and the only thing that you can do is light that fire. 369 more words


Fix Emacs "No Usable Browser Found" error

Recently I’ve moved from Chromium to Google Chrome on Linux. But the problem is that emacs does not recognize it out-of-the-box.

To fix this problem, you can add the following snippet to your… 82 more words

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by Stixman
free to play in your browser

This matching marble puzzle game has hit the mark on all the things I love about puzzles: cute? 266 more words


What Skills Employers Want in a Software Developer?

“We don’t hire people for what they know, but what they can learn.”

Today I’m just passing an interesting article from InformIT. It is worth reading from top to bottom: 6 more words

Learning To Code

If there has malicious ads in your computer

English version___________________________________

I compiled a recent Baidu malicious ads is too evil, do not ask you do not tick secretly admitted to the computer! After you found that “suspected ~ Strange why my Homepage has been kidnapped, or lower right corner of the desktop appears strange advertisement” I’ll teach you how to~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ malicious ads delete method: 184 more words

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