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Become a Beta tester for Junaio on Android

Beginning today anybody can become a Junaio Beta tester – no legal papers necessary – and for free. We publicly publish Junaio Beta releases (for Android) on a regular basis within the beta tester group before the releases are submitted into the Google play store. 128 more words

Augmented Reality

The War of Mobile Browsers

One of the most intriguing takeovers in the recent years has certainly happened with a good reason for its investor. Microsoft was fully aware about Nokia’s unfortunate situation during the takeover. 192 more words

EBS Marketing’s Favourite Marketing Browser Extensions

Here at EBS Marketing, we just love the way in which technology and software is constantly moving towards a more accessible and effective conclusion. New apps, software, hardware, tools, systems, devices and websites are always in constant production and circulation, making our actions more exact, and our plans more succinct. 511 more words


Shogun Assassin - Ancient Japan never looked better than in 32x32

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

Apologies for being quiet recently, I’m going back to college so I might not be able to post every day but we are getting as much content out as possible for you all.  360 more words

Indie Games

howdoi: Because the Internet knows more than you

I picked howdoi as a complement to betty today, because in some ways, they both do similar things.

Whereas betty would reply with set answers (provided she knew the questions :roll: ), howdoi acts as a conduit between you and that vast cesspool in the sky, The Internet. 354 more words


Setelah 4 Tahun, Google Akui Chrome Bikin Baterai Boros

Merasa baterai laptop cepat habis ketika berselancar menggunakan peramban Google Chrome? Anda mungkin tak sendiri. Sekitar pertengahan bulan ini kontributor Forbes, Ian Morris, mengangkat masalah tersebut ke permukaan. 146 more words



  • 使用 OASIS 系统就像访问一个网站或你的电子邮箱,需要在浏览器输入网址以登入 OASIS 系统。
  • OASIS 系统通常位于酒店内部办公网络,不向外网用户开放。如果你的私人电脑已经接入酒店内部办公网络,那么通常你可以用它登入 OASIS 系统。
  • 有些酒店为员工提供 VPN (虚拟专用网络)。连接互联网的电脑,再连接酒店 VPN 就可以接入酒店内部办公网络。如此你就可以在酒店以外登入 OASIS 系统。
  • 请向酒店 IT 查询 OASIS 系统的网址。
  • 请查看 OASIS 支持的操作系统及浏览器。
  • 请查看使用 OASIS 系统需要在电脑上做哪些设置。
  • 如果还有问题,请咨询酒店 IT。