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How to Allow Popups in All Four Web Browsers

All of us visit websites all the time that require we allow pop-ups. Many computers at ACC have pop-up blockers on them. This website explains how to set your browser to allow pop-ups if you use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. 16 more words

Windows Phone will soon render websites a lot more like an iPhone

Windows Phone will soon render websites a lot more like an iPhone
By Tom Warren 20 Minutes Ago

Microsoft has tried to push standards with its mobile Internet Explorer browser, but unfortunately the wider web largely develops specifically for the webkit rendering engine and the iPhone. 237 more words

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Adobe Flash

Writing on the Wall

Adobe Flash is not long for this world. The writing is on the wall. For those that use the Pay-for-Closed-Operating-Systems (Windows and Mac) Adobe Flash is still alive. 265 more words



Google Playstore contains a lot of web browser apps for android phones. Each of it is good in one feature or other and bring your web browsing experience to a new level. 453 more words

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Code journal - 5/25/14

Continuing work on working thru HTML5Canvas book to get better w/javascript and html5canvas

window.addEventListener(“keyup”, eventKeyPressed,true);

-addEventListener registers the specified listener on the object it is called on. 194 more words

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Firefox Update Includes Malware Protection!

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox will include a new safe browsing service that blocks malicious websites and drive-by downloads, according to a new blog post… 303 more words