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Why I finally made the switch to Firefox

You hear from all across the web about “Why I switched to Chrome from Firefox” but let me invert this and tell you my story, from about 5 months ago about why I switched from Chrome to Firefox. 926 more words

! IMPORTANT ! Changes coming to EnergyU browser and operating system support

Changes are coming to supported browser and operating system requirements for EnergyU. To ensure your equipment meets the requirements, click HERE to review the document describing these changes.


7 things you didn't know your browser could do

The most-used program on your computer is your Web browser, but there’s a good chance you don’t know much about it besides how to visit your favorite sites. 834 more words


Hello Firefox! Mozilla's browser gets built-in WebRTC video chat through Telefónica partnership

In one of the biggest shake-ups for the browser business in ages, Mozilla and the Spanish carrier group Telefónica have revealed a partnership that will see voice and video-chat capabilities built right into the Firefox browser – or at least the desktop beta version, for now. 1,148 more words

Kubuntu Guide 09

(Almost done with this, folks.)

09 — Internet Software

As with Windows, there are several ways to set up your email. You can use the built in Kmail client. 1,962 more words


Compatability Views

Why oh why must website designers and developers make life so difficult for a large number of people by making their websites only work with “new” or “modern” browsers. 193 more words

iOS8: Set DuckDuckGo as your Default Browser

I saw this tip in this article that features 35 tips for iOS8 and thought I would pluck it pout of the line up and emphasize it. 162 more words

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