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Fast Url Opener

Open your websites easily and fast and get
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This Chrome extension will brighten your day every time you open a new tab

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, do yourself a favor and install this extension right now. Just do it:

Earth View from Google Maps… 280 more words

A Brief history of [malware] Time

I see plenty of infographics on the web most I just go on by, but I did like this one on Malware from welivesecurity.com (click on the link to see the original article)  and thought I would share it. 7 more words


POODLE: Turning off SSLv3 for various servers and client.

Before you start: While adjusting your SSL configuration, you should also check for various other SSL related configuration options. A good outline can be found at… 352 more words

Why I finally made the switch to Firefox... from Chrome

Some say that Firefox is playing catch-up with Chrome. I agree. But what they miss, is that you can still play catch-up when you’re leading. 1,155 more words


! IMPORTANT ! Changes coming to EnergyU browser and operating system support

Changes are coming to supported browser and operating system requirements for EnergyU. To ensure your equipment meets the requirements, click HERE to review the document describing these changes.


7 things you didn't know your browser could do

The most-used program on your computer is your Web browser, but there’s a good chance you don’t know much about it besides how to visit your favorite sites. 834 more words