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Haiku Review: The Evil Dead Trilogy

The Evil Dead (1981)

Remote cabin fun
spoiled by demon summoning
Like my 8th birthday

Evil Dead II (1987)

Dude, Ash is the man
with a chainsaw for a hand… 43 more words


Spider Sense

Maitre D: Ah, Here we are Table for 2 Parker (Sounds like Pecker in his French accent)

Peter Parker: Parker.

Maitre D: That is what I said Parker (Sounds like Pecker in is French accent again).


Spider Sense

Doctor Ash: When one finds oneself in a perpetual state of panic.

Guster: Perpetual?

Doctor Ash: It means never-ending.

Guster: I know what it means, I was expressing indignation.


Escape From L.A. (1996) - Movie Review

The first movie that I ever saw that Kurt Russell (Soldier), had ever done was the movie, Backdraft (1991). When I saw that movie I found that everyone in that movie had done a great job, but I found that I liked the role that Kurt Russell had played the most! 602 more words

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Spidey Sense

Coach Boomer: Hello my name is Coach Boomer. You may know me as Sonic Boom, or you may not.  This is how Power Placement is going to work.  105 more words


Spider Sense

Doctor Ash: You see my previous diagnosis may have been premature, slappy.

Guster: Slappy?

Doctor Ash: You see, you’re not worried that Shawn is going to leave you.  11 more words


Spider Sense

Peter Parker: I’m sorry I don’t speak French.

Maitre D: But this is a French Restaurant, No?

Peter Parker: Oui.