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[Fan Expo Vancouver] Rue Morgue Magazine's Festival of Fear Spotlighted!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Rue Morgue Magazine’s Festival of Fear, Westcoast edition is set to take up most of the stage at Fan Expo Vancouver 2014. 990 more words


Bruce Campbell comes to Fan Expo Vancouver

Cult movies go through cycles of popularity. Unless, that is, you are talking about the Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.

The horror series trio conceived by director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tappert and starring Bruce Campbell, 55, as the square-jawed anti-hero Ash had its debut in 1981. 695 more words


The Evil Dead (1981)

Everyone should know the story by now. A group of teenagers go to a cabin in the woods, where they find an ancient text that can bring dead spirits into the world of the living. 427 more words


Evil Dead

I may be a little jaded with this, since I adore the original, but I don’t know what to think about the 2013 Evil Dead (but I do know that Jane Levy is really hot). 580 more words

Bruce Campbell

Burn Notice s7 ep 1

It’s the beginning of the end for Burn Notice and Michael is working deep cover for Noah Bennett to try and bring down old “friend” Nathan Petrelli… Is this what they meant by… 252 more words


Review: The Evil Dead (2013)

“The most terrifying movie you have ever seen”, the ambitious release poster for Fede Alvarez’s The Evil Dead states, a remake/reboot/sequel/something of the Raimi’s original cult horror masterpiece. 584 more words


Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Jordan

By Jordan and Eddie on 11/04/2014

We’ve been running this blog for coming up on 12 months now and it seems about right to let our readers out there know just a little bit more about us two Australian film-goers. 800 more words

Jordan's Space