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The Road to the Dark Tower

As I was going through school, I never enjoyed reading. Sometimes I thought it was boring, or just never considered myself the reading type. (I guess the reading type was the people in the advanced classes.) Or it could have been the fact that I had trouble focusing and may have had an undiagnosed case of ADD (Which I do believe I grew out of by my junior or senior year.) After high school, my wife now, girlfriend at the time, wanted to start reading the Harry Potter books. 897 more words

Fan Expo Canada 2014

Warning: this post is kinda long.

Despite having social phobia and not much money, I really wanted to go to a convention sometime this year. I thought I could approach it like exposure therapy and the rewards would include cool junk, photos, autographs, and the assurance that I could even enter the convention centre without having a heart attack.  2,293 more words

Greg Norman is Ash from Evil Dead

I have two things to say about this headline:

“Greg Norman Says Chainsaw Accident Nearly Cost Him His Hand”

1. Greg Norman is a SILVER FOX?!?!?!?!? 9 more words


Army of Darkness (1993)

With recent word that a TV series sequel to Army of Darkness is in the works in addition to a sequel to the remake of Evil Dead, now couldn’t be a better time to introduce the primitive screwheads living under rocks these past few decades to this horror series. 816 more words



It would appear that the modern horror film is severely lacking this day and age. Loud crashes and found cinema seem to be all the rage since Saw’s ridiculously gruesome torture porn reign is over. 485 more words

Good? Bad? I'm the Guy That Saw Evil Dead: The Musical

While I was in Salt Lake City last week, I took advantage of the Comic Con performance of Evil Dead: The Musical. I’m completely torn on how to review this. 493 more words

Bruce Campbell

A quickie from post Salt Lake Comic Con

For those that love Bruce Campbell, enjoy this. I know I did!



  10 more words

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