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Gotham: 1x4 Arkham

Written by Ken Woodruff
Directed by T J Scott
Aired October 13, 2014
Viewers 6.39 Million

This was a pretty good episode, although I think this show is still struggling with trying to add to many things. 529 more words


Alfred - a show about Batman's Butler

At the release of FOX’s new crime series Gotham, myself and friend Kieran Boyd pondered a different take on the Batman universe – could you find humour in the dark alleys of Gotham city? 48 more words


Gotham: Selina Kyle Review

Gotham’s second episode dives right back into what is sure to be the main story line during its inaugural season – the mystery surrounding the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. 497 more words


Daily doodle: Sitting around

What does Batman do with his in between time?

DOn Nguyen

Gotham Episodes 1-4 Review

This fall there are 5 comic book related TV shows on the air: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and Agents of Shield. Because the market is saturated with comic book TV shows I thought this would be the perfect time to begin reviewing TV shows (both live action and animated). 765 more words

Bruce Wayne

Learn Bad Writing from Gotham

Learn Bad Writing from Gotham

It’s easy to find inspiration in great books, movies, and TV shows, but sometimes, the best inspiration comes from horrible books and scripts. 666 more words


Gotham S1 E1: My Thoughts

I’ve been looking forward to this for ages and it didn’t disappoint.  It opened up with a young Catwoman who witnessed the Killing of Bruce Waynes (played by the kid from Touch) parents. 220 more words