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Gotham: Viper (EPISODE REVIEW)

Viper was the strongest episode of Gotham yet, and despite it all I’m still not sold entirely on its staying power. The show is slowly beginning to find its pace, but as it is now it seems like nothing more than the Sopranos in Gotham. 706 more words

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Gotham S1:E5 - Viper (another f***ing night in Gotham...)

The main problem of the week is the titular Viper; a drug which gives the user super strength and “delusions of ultimate power” with the sad side-effect of rapidly depleting the body’s calcium resulting in not-so-subtle fast-acting brittle bone disease. 1,042 more words

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Young Bruce Wayne Haters: Time to Step Off

It’s episode five, by now we have an idea of the flavor and tone of series, so I don’t really need to cover any of that; which means I can cover young Bruce Wayne haters. 711 more words

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GOTHAM Adds FIREFLY Alum to Cast

In the recap for the “Selina Kyle” episode of Gotham, your humble reporter posited that there was a particular character from Bruce Wayne’s history who was conspicuously absent from the show: 193 more words


Review: Gotham, "Viper" (S1E5)

If there’s one thing to take from Gotham‘s fifth episode, it’s that corruption within Wayne Enterprises is finally coming to light for young Bruce Wayne and caretaker Alfred Pennyworth. 616 more words


Review: 'Gotham S1E5 - Viper' From The Editor

I’m still torn about Gotham.

On the one hand, there is a good amount to enjoy from things such as Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot portrayal to the concept of Jim Gordon trying to do his police job in a world that is falling into further chaos. 381 more words


Review: Gotham Academy Issue 1

Written by Becky CLoonan and Brenden Fletcher

Art by Karl Kerschl

Colours by Geyser with Dave McCaig

Letters by Steve Wands

Cover by Karl Kerschl… 372 more words

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