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Gotham - "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" Review

One generally feels nervous for any character that reluctantly agrees to come in to a precinct when they can take down a murderer. In this case, Mr. 521 more words


Detective 578 - Batman: Year Two concludes

Mike W Barr and Todd McFarlane bring Batman: Year Two to an end in Detective 578 (Sept. 87).

Things have been going very well between Bruce and Rachel.  182 more words


Detective 577 - Batman and Joe Chill vs the Reaper

Barr, McFarlane and Alcala continue Batman: Year Two in Detective 577 (Aug. 87).

Todd McFarlane really loves drawing capes.  And he’s really good at it.  Good enough that Batman’s cape is worthy of the two page spread it gets in this issue. 53 more words


Detective 576 - Batman uses a gun

Todd McFarlane and Alfredo Alcala take over the art on Mike W Barr’s story as Batman: Year Two continues in Detective 576 (July 1987).

Bruce practices using a gun, but it’s not a weapon he feels comfortable with, and he doesn’t do very well with it. 136 more words


Detective 575 - Batman: Year Two begins

Detective 575 (June 1987) begins the four part Batman: Year Two storyline.  A sequel only in concept to Batman: Year One.  Curiously, although Mike W Barr writes the entire storyline, Alan Davis and Paul Neary provide the art for only the first issue. 146 more words


If He Can't Do It No One Can

The last week has been insane for me. Between the writers block and reading every graphic novel I can get my hands on for a Top 100 list I have been struggling mightily for anything to write about. 631 more words


Detective 574 - the re-introduction of Leslie Thompkins

Continuing the story from the previous issue, Detective 574 (May 1987) sees Robin being tended to as Batman flashes back to his origin, thanks to Mike W Barr, Alan Davis and Paul Neary. 121 more words