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Detective 426 - Batman plays Russian roulette, and the Elongated Man begins, again

A powerful Kaluta cover on Detective 426 (Aug. 72), and a good story by Frank Robbins – and one on which I feel his art style works perfectly. 238 more words

The Needs List

Any comic collector always has a list of books they are on the hunt for. Typically these are the big time, hardcore Holy Grail books, but sometimes its something simpler that you just can’t seem to track down. 595 more words


Romani Vocabulary Guide

In today’s chapter of ‘A Second Counting of Days‘ (‘A Dream Come True’), Dick imagines spending Christmas Day with his parents as an adult.   77 more words


The Dark Knight Tales of The Dark Knight #6 (A Parole For Christmas)

By Will Barber – Taylor

Following on from the previous edition’s look at the origin of one of Batman’s greatest foes, Black Mask this time we look at a cheesy Christmas story in “A Parole For Christmas” (Batman 45) 424 more words


Detective 404 - Batman vs Enemy Ace, and Jason Bard is framed for murder

Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano craft a really clever variation of a team-up story in Detective 404 (Oct. 70), as Batman gets involved with a film crew making a biopic of Enemy Ace. 259 more words