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Gotham S01E02 - Selina Kyle

Minnél többet gondolkodok ezen a részen, annál inkább jönnek elő az epizód aprócska hibái is. Nem volt rossz igazából, de nem is olyan, amit még sokáig emlegetnénk. 810 more words


Batman V Superman To Use Unusual House As Wayne Manor

Given the amount of open-air filming that Zack Snyder has done for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’m surprised there aren’t more official news reports out of Detroit – like the following, which believes it is giving us our first look at stately Wayne Manor, located (coincidentally) on Alfred street in downtown Motown. 305 more words


A Quick Blerb about Gotham

Gotham‘s first two episodes have surprised me.  They’re a good bit better than I thought they would be.

Ben McKenzie and Jada Pinkett Smith carry the Batman prequel with unrelenting charisma in their respective roles of young Detective James Gordon, and Fish Moonie, a new character for the mythology who is an up and coming crime boss. 328 more words

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Review: Gotham - Selina Kyle

Considering the second episode of Gotham is titled Selina Kyle, viewers would be forgiven for thinking that it would focus on the future-Catwoman. Thankfully, considering the portrayal of the character so far,  this is not true. 569 more words


Gotham: Selina Kyle

Gotham’s second episode had a great story line that kept my anticipation from last weeks episode pushing forward for the episode next week. The reviews of the episodes will not be as in-depth as the first one was, since it was the first of the series. 241 more words


'Gotham' Episode 2 - 'Selina Kyle': The Cat Comes Out To Play? (SPOILERS)

For an episode named “Selina Kyle”,  Selina Kyle doesn’t exactly feature that much in the second episode of GothamIndeed, the  future Catwoman, only really becomes relevant to the overarching plot within the last five minutes. 1,426 more words


Gotham: "Selina Kyle" Review

Protect Ya Neck…And Ya Eyes

Misleading title aside, “Selina Kyle” felt more like a straight up show than the showcase that “Pilot” was. The second episode of  816 more words