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TV Review: Gotham, season 1, episode 9

Harvey Dent comes to Gotham this week — but is the verdict a good episode or a bad one? For my spoiler-filled review (for those who have not seen the episode yet, that is), click on. 1,466 more words

Film & TV

Detective 91 - The Joker's practical jokes

Edmond Hamilton scripts the Joker story in Detective 91 (Sept, 44), with Dick Sprang on the art.

The story begins with the Joker being the victim of a number of practical jokes in prison.  92 more words

Detective 90 - Batman on the Mississippi

Detective 90 (Aug. 44) sees Batman and Robin head to the deep south, after they read about a series of robberies in riverfront towns, which correspond to visits by a showboat. 92 more words

Detective 89 - Batman exposes the Cavalier, Air Wave gets a cat, and the Crimson Avenger ends

The Cavalier makes his third appearance in Detective 89, with Dick Sprang art.

The story begins as we discover that the Cavalier is really Mortimer Drake, a wealthy Gothamite, who is a member of the same exclusive club as Bruce Wayne.  409 more words

Detective 86 - Alfred joins the team

The new, skinny Alfred is central to the Batman and Robin story in Detective 86 (April 1944), much as he is to the cover.  The overall message of the story, drawn by Dick Sprang, is that Batman, Robin and Alfred are all equal members of the crime fighting team. 88 more words

DC Comics

Detective 83 - Alfred takes a vacation, Spy ends, and Air Wave intercepts a flying bomb

The Batman and Robin story in Detective 83 (Jan. 44) has a more complex plot than usual, dealing with a gang that hit a person with a car, take him to a fake hospital, and hypnotize the victim into robbing their own company. 366 more words