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Former CFIA researcher pleads guilty in dangerous bacteria-smuggling case

OTTAWA – A former lead researcher at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle dangerous bacteria to China.

Klaus Nielsen, who faced 11 charges accusing him of trying to take Brucella bacteria to China with the help of another former CFIA employee, was arrested two years ago as he headed to the Ottawa airport for a trip to China. 127 more words


Walsh cosponsors bill to ‘beef up’ livestock industry

(The following is a press release from the office of Senator John Walsh) Montana ranchers applaud Senator’s leadership to improve resources for cattle ranching families… 397 more words


Fact of the Week: Can't Touch This

FACT OF THE WEEK: Zoonotic disease Brucellosis found shared between marine mammals and humans.

MORE ON THIS: Zoonotic diseases are those which can be passed between humans and animals. 281 more words


Where the Buffalo (May) Roam

The Department of the Interior recently issued a plan to reintroduce free-roaming bison across the Intermountain West and Great Plains. This news came with praise from advocates of wild bison and sharp criticism from ranchers who view buffalo and the diseases they can carry as threats to their livelihoods. 897 more words

Environmental History

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William Wyckoff has posted an article at the University of Washington Press Blog on the potential re-introduction of free-roaming bison to the American West. Wyckoff's post explores this complicated proposition. At one point, American bison reportedly ranged in North American from Canada to Mexico to the Atlantic seaboard. After being slaughtered during the 19th Century, the American bison has been making a comeback. Ted Turner manages approximately 51,000 bison over two million acres of his private property in the West, but bison have been restricted from roaming public lands. Western ranchers have repeatedly rejected attempts to re-introduce them to public lands outside of Yellowstone National Park. Their opposition has been been premised on the threat bison infected with brucellosis pose to the cattle industry. Cattle infected with brucellosis frequently miscarry. Still, re-introducing free roaming bison to the American West has been priority for policy makers, Native American, environmental groups and numerous other longtime residents of the West.  In many ways, bison are the symbol of the American West and their absence has been missed. The Department of the Interior has released a report that seeks to re-introduce bison to various national parks and monuments and address the concerns of cattle ranchers.  Like many Westerners, I hope that these magnificent creatures can roam beyond Yellowstone National Park.