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The trickster, the tech, and the treachery of images: Part One

Uri Geller and the Enchantment of Technology.

In the early 1970’s television audiences marvelled at the antics of Uri Geller. He could apparently re-activate broken watches; he could reproduce telepathically a drawing that had been made secretly by an entire stranger, and – above all, he could bend spoons, supposedly without physical intervention, for Geller’s major power was said to be… 1,800 more words

What is a City?

Today is the first day of classes and the start of my course Urban Arrangements (Syllabus_Assemblage Urbanism_Fall 2014_Sharp_CCNY.2). The first text we will engage is by former City College student Lewis Mumford and his 1937 article: … 153 more words

Urban Arrangements

Latour’s Sophistication, Science and the Qur’an as "Mere" Historical Document: A Counter-Reply to Edis, Stefano Bigliardi

Author Information: Stefano Bigliardi, Tec de Monterrey CSF, Mexico City; CMES Lund University, stefano.bigliardi@cme.lu.se

Bigliardi, Stefano. “Latour’s Sophistication, Science and the Qur’an as ‘Mere’ Historical Document: A Counter-Reply to Edis.” … 903 more words

Critical Replies

ENQUÊTE SUR L’ENQUÊTE (1): Roman Conceptuel et Détournement Philosophique

Qui sont les modernes? nous demande Bruno Latour. Il a écrit un gros livre de 500 pages, ENQUÊTE SUR LES MODES D’EXISTENCE, pour y répondre. La méthode employée se veut à la fois philosophique et empirique, d’où le sous-titre une “ 744 more words

Dead nature on the move

Burno Latour (1966, 1990, 1999) writes about image-making in science as the creation of ‘immutable mobiles’. Science relies heavily on the art of  349 more words

Part I

Making sense of materiality

Perhaps one of the more challenging but also more enjoyable parts of writing my dissertation has been grappling withe the concept of sociomateriality. Indeed there are a number of approaches to defining and researching sociomateriality, but the most obvious take away is that sociomateriality directs the researcher towards examining the role of materiality in the structuring/durability of human action. 292 more words